Laughline Comedy Show: GH comedians prove their worth

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Laughline Comedy show GH comedians prove worth
KSM and Richmond Amoakoh, who plays lawyer Bombay in the Kejetia Vs Makola series were in the audience and couldn't help laughing

After coming under fire in the last two weeks for their 'boring' acts, Ghanaian comedians certainly have a lot to prove. And on Friday, at the National Theatre, they made their point at the Laughline Comedy Show.

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The comedians, some of whom had publicly stated their displeasure at some of the criticisms, came fired up and gave patrons who thronged the National Theatre a lot to laugh about.

Since its inception a few years ago, the Laughline Comedy show has seen immense growth and serves as a platform for Ghanaian comedians to showcase their talents.

Patrons would get their first dose of laughter when the host of the event, Lekzy Decomic dropped some jokes before introducing the first act. The petite comedian is gradually carving his niche in Ghanaian comedy. The few jokes he told gave patrons enough confidence to await a spectacular show.

Lekzy spotted his colleague, Kalybos in the audience

Wearing golden boots that he said were to shame enemies that Menzgold was still in business, comedian, Wontongo, gave a good account of himself. He was quite irreverent in his delivery as he picked on some public figures which drew a lot of 'eeeisss' and aaaaahh" from patrons.

Wontongo's show was great

Wontongo might have acknowledged that some of his jokes could be offensive so he warned patrons not to take them so personal but he nearly marred his set with a joke about the looks of President Nana Addo but on the whole, he did great.

Khemikal is one of the big names in GH comedy and he lived up to expectation. He addressed many issues including overspeeding, Ghana police and the need to get them new uniforms to stop them from taking bribes.

His witty comments on how whites experience broken hearts as compared to Ghanaians and "one second" performance of fowls were the main highlights of his presentation.

The laughter got too much for some people

He has a calm demeanour on stage but James Brown was quite awesome. Even though his slow pace took a bit of the shine of his act, he delivered punchy jokes on the effects used by Kumawood producers in movies and character traits of different tribes in Ghana and cultural clash between the West and Ghana.

Teacher Kwadwo proved he had stand up skills

He is very popular on social media for his comedy skits which have even earned him some endorsement deals but at last Friday's  event, Teacher Kwadwo showed that he could do stand up too.

Arguably he was the discovery of the night because for the almost 15 or so minutes he spent on stage, he got patrons bursting out with laughter with his mockery of the Menzgold saga.  

Feeling very confident using the Twi language, he always got audience cheering him on with his wise sayings and local idiomatic expressions.

A medical doctor by profession, comedian OB has worked his way up as a favourite of comedy lovers and on Friday he out up an amazing show.

Right from his entry, he got the patrons glued with his jokes but it was his demonstration of how Jesus would have died if he belonged to some tribes in Ghana that earned him the loudest applause.

Foster Romanus didn't perform for long but he was just okay.

Foster Romanus brought his colleagues comedians, Clemento Suarez and Laywer Ntikateche Bombay of Kejetia Vs Makola fame on stage

But for female comedian Shawkiya's poor showing, it would have been excellent ratings for the show. Again, Lekzy Decomic as the MC was one of the finest on the night. His jokes in-between performances were just great.

Lawyer Bombay was a back up dancer for singer Feli Nuna

There were earlier performances from Nuhu, Alowess and Sportoo and Bogo Blay as well as Feli Nuna thrilled the audience with music performances.

The event was a collaboration between the National Theatre and Kasa Entertainment.


 The audience had a great time.