Top comedians star in “The Inspection” stage play

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For the first time in Ghana, an array of comedians, having made names for themselves individually have been assembled for a stage act dubbed, “The Inspection.”

Expected to be showed at the National Theatre on Saturday April 28, the play is set in a present day high school boarding house.

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Acting as students are Clemento Suarez and Foster Romanus, the sensational comedy duo, The Two Idiots [Dr So and Jeneral Ntatia] and Ntimination; the cantankerous lawyer from the Kejetia vs Makola fame and acting as students.

The comedians have pledged to ‘blow’ up minds with their ‘job’ in the single dramatic element on the stage.

They bring to bear the hustle and bustle they have to go through in order to appear flawless during an inspection competition in school.

Other prolific stage actors; Komla Mensa Ahlija, Daniel Delong and Ben Shaka are all in full throttle to bring the story to life.

The leading acts, Suarez, Romanus, Two Idiots [Dr So and Jeneral Ntatia) and Ntimination have all fed audiences with delicious performances that have given both audience and critics belly full satisfaction.

SuperFam Network, a production agency comprising of experienced theatre practitioners, is behind the production which was penned by Mrs. C. S. Acheampong.