Too much dishonesty in music industry – Evang. Akwasi Nyarko

By: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Kumasi-based Gospel musician, Evangelist Akwasi Nyarko says there is too much dishonesty in the music industry
Evangelist Akwasi Nyarko
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KUMASI-based Gospel musician, Evangelist Akwasi Nyarko is very upset about what he calls dishonesty is the local music industry.

According to Evangelist Akwasi Nyarko, he should have received an award for the good music he churns but not a single award has been given to him since he came onto the music scene almost a decade ago.

“I have done great songs like David Ba and Anwanwa Adwuma and not a single award has come my way. In 2016, I came out with Bo Mpaye which was a huge hit but I was not given any award for it simply because there is no truth in the music industry,” he lamented from his Kumasi base.

“Look at what happened over the weekend at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, with people holding guns and all. It is all because there is not a single truth in the industry, I am so disappointed in the organisers of the awards,” he said.

Evangelist Akwasi Nyarko added that it was a company in the UK which organised an awards event at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Kumasi in 2017, which saw his good works and gave him an award.

“There is no truth is this country, from our politicians to the organisers of the Music Awards so the right people are not rewarded and that is very disheartening.

“I will never pay anybody to give me an award, I know there is so much corruption as far as the awards are concerned but I won’t give a pesewa to anyone for an award, it will never happen.

“As for what happened last Saturday, we haven’t seen anything yet, worse things will happen if we don’t allow truth to prevail in the industry, the bribery is just too much,” he stressed.

He continued that, “I would like to tell my fellow musicians, be it Highlife, Hiplife or Gospel musicians that you do not work for man, it is God who rewards and He will reward you at the right time so don’t be discouraged, it is God’s award that matters.”

Evangelist Akwasi Nyarko also stated that some musicians are resorting to all kinds of evil means just to stay relevant and advised against such acts as they are not pleasing to God.

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