Sing along with Honeysuckle Saturday Karaoke

By: Delali Sika
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AFTER providing patrons with tasty meals, a broad variety of drinks, pool tables, a serene atmosphere, themed events among others, one would think management of Honeysuckle, Osu had done it all. But no, they are still adding on to satisfy and make their customers happy.

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The new addition to the exciting things one can engage in at Honey Suckle is the Kareoke Night which comes off on Saturdays at the upper terrace of the pub and restaurant.

According to the General Manager, Asheer Khubchanbani, the Saturday Kareoke Night which started three weeks ago came about as a request from patrons.

“When customers want something and you also see its worth, you let it happen. Remember, we are here because of them. They asked that we add karaoke to our weekend programme and we decided to give them what they want.

“Our customers mean so much to us and we have their well being at heart so we decided to give in to their demands and it has been great so far. The decision has been fruitful, patronage has been great and response have been wonderful.

"So now, the hours between 9pm till midnight on Saturdays are the ones many patrons look forward to” he said.

Honeysuckle Saturday Karaoke Night starts with patrons writing the songs they want to perform on pieces of paper. One can choose to stand before those gathered or sit behing one’s table to sing. And after performing a song, a patron gets a free drink.

Chatting with some patrons last Saturday night, Mr Rahl Pradnan, a business man from India, who was excited about the event said, “I come here with my family for the kareoke because they have a wide range of songs including Hindi ones. My brother just finished performing in Hindi and it was beautiful.”

Another patron, Tracy Amoah, a student said she loved the kareoke at Honeyuckle. “You see, unlike other place, you get free drinks after performing and I love that. The freebie encourages you to do more of the songs.

“And in addition to all that, the enclosed and serene environment gives other patrons no choice but to watch and listen to you as you perform and that is so cool”, she said.

Finally, Mr Khubchanbani added that the sing along event is here to stay. “We will be doing this for a long time until our customers tell us they don’t want it anymore which we very much doubt.

“The truth is, on weekends and every other day, Honeysuckle is the place to be, a place where customers are respected.”