Simon Cowell says trolls are 'vile people'


 Simon Cowell thinks internet trolls are ''vile people''.

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The 'Britain's Got Talent' judge has revealed that he is a target for ''cowardly'' keyboard warriors and admitted he doesn't entertain the the ''horrible'' comments that are written about him because there's ''nothing to be gained'' from them.

Simon said: ''One thing you never, ever do is go on to the comments because they're vile. These are people who are sitting in dark rooms anonymously, because they won't put their real names - which I think is cowardly, writing horrible things about you. Why do I want to read that?

''Someone who I know very well does it a lot and there's nothing to be gained from it. You're empowering these people.''

Simon, 59, also confessed that he never Googles himself because reading ''negative'' comments can become a downward spiral.

Speaking on 'Paul McKenna's Positivity Podcast', he added: ''Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I just don't want to read them. So I don't go on the message boards. And I don't Google myself. When you start doing that it becomes negative.''

Meanwhile, the music mogul previously admitted he would be ''happy'' to enter a TV talent show with his son and their dogs - even though it would be a ''disaster''.

'The X Factor' star - who has four-year-old Eric with partner Lauren Silverman - has seen thousands of different acts bid for success in his role as a judge on the likes of 'America's Got Talent' and 'Britain's Got Talent'.

And Simon knows how he'd try and impress the panel if he was forced to get on stage with his little boy.

He explained: ''We'd either do a swinging balancing trick or try out and train our dogs who are the worst behaved dogs in the world.

''Probably the latter and it would be a disaster but I would be happy to do that.''