Tough guy Shatta Wale weeps as he 'Reigns'

By: Delali Sika
Shatta Wale weeps at Reign concert
Shatta Wale

He is high strung and perceived as too hard by most people but on Saturday night, Dancehall 'King' Shatta Wale showed his emotional side when he launched his much anticipated Reign album at the Fantasy Dome, Trade Fair Centre in Accra.

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Shatta Wale couldn't hold back his emotions when he made his entry on stage and saw the massive crowd chanting his name. Overwhelmed by the love, the Chop Kiss artiste could not help but shed tears.

Although some might view it as a publicity stunt, the feeling was different on the night as he spoke about his struggles to get to where he is among other things and there was no way anyone could mistake it as fake.

Shatta Wale stopped at a point during his performance and said in Pidgin, “if you people know how I have suffered in this industry, you guys will not treat me the way you do or say the things you say to me.

"If you have the slightest idea of how the music industry has treated me, you won’t do what you do to me." He left the stage after those statements to get himself together because his emotions were high.

Shatta Wale had an amazing time on stage

When he got his composure back and returned on stage, Shatta warned his haters to stop attacking him and wishing for his downfall.

 “The way this Ghana music industry make I suffer… I suffer for Ghana too much; nobody for try me. Nobody for worry me for Ghana. Dem no go fit me, I swear. Why me alone, everybody dey fight me?,” he asked.

The Reign concert was a big success for Shatta Wale and Zylofon Media. The four-hour event saw the Gringo star perform some of his old and newest tracks for the fans who turned up in their numbers to support him.

Shatta Wale rocked the stage alongside Michy, Zylofon Arts Club acts as well as the SM Militants. Although there were some technical hitches which caused some disruptions, the audience seemed satisfied with the event.

The Reign album has 17 tracks. According to Shatta, although he loves all the songs on the album, his favourite is Exodus because it is inspired by his real life struggles.