Actress Sharon Stone's Covid-19 party fears

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Sharon Stone had doctors checking people's temperatures at her birthday bash.

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The actress celebrated her 62nd birthday with a lavish party on March 8,2020 and although social distancing measures had not been introduced to the USA at that time, she was so concerned about the Coronavirus that she enlisted medical professionals to help monitor her guests.

Sharon explained to Naomi Campbell on the supermodel's 'No Filter' YouTube series: ''I had a doctor and a nurse come early and check all of the catering people, and the wait staff as they arrived to make sure none of the food and the people working there were fevering or ill.

''And then I had a nurse at the door taking temperature, and this was March 8th. I just thought we had to be super careful.

''People thought I was a little extreme. That I was a little bit crazy.''

Sharon also revealed she knew that Covid-19 would be a global crisis after she met playwright John Dempsey at Sir Elton John's Oscars bash in February and he told her what friends of his were going through in China, where the virus originated.

She said: ''When I saw John Dempsey at Elton's Oscar party, I just looked at his face and he said, '40 per cent of our business is crashing and I'm losing friends in China'. And I looked at him and knew, 'Oh my God. This is about to become a global epidemic'.

''I called my lawyer, canceled my global events. The people said they were going to sue me. I said, 'They won't.' And my lawyer said, 'Oh they're going to.' And I said, 'They won't have time to. It will be okay.' Our lawyer said, 'Oh no it's going to be terrible,' and I'm like, 'Don't worry about it.'''