Sex Scandal: Lessons draw 'returnee' patrons

By: Linda Safoa Antwi
Sex Scandal Ebo Whyte
Holy Boy (in yellow) with his manager, Brodo

ALTHOUGH Roverman Productions' Festival of Plays is intended for people who missed out on the plays earlier in the year to get another chance to see them, it seems the plays still attract a lot of 'returnees,' the patrons who have watched them already but still come to watch again, perhaps to relive the lessons they picked up.

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So on Saturday, December 29, when playwright, Uncle Ebo Whyte asked whether there were any returnees for the play, Sex Scandal, there were as many hands raised as that for first timers.

And that seems to be have been the case for the other productions selected for the Festival of Plays.

Racheal Paintsil watched Sex Scandal earlier in the year and came back to watch it again. She told Showbiz that she would grab any opportunity to watch Uncle Ebo's plays again.

"I really enjoyed myself the first time I watched this play and it gave me a lot of things to think about so when it came up again, I knew I had to be here for it.

"I came with my sisters who watched for the first time and they also enjoyed it a lot especially the music and all the dance moves," she said.

Therein perhaps lies the beauty of Uncle Ebo and his Roverman plays; that you can watch and watch and watch and not be bored while the lessons continue to remain as fresh and relevant as ever.

With Sex Scandal, patrons are given an inside look into the world of showbusiness and the dirty games that are played, while exploring themes of love, lies, commitment, fidelity, forgiveness and God's saving grace.

Multiple award winning Gospel artiste, Holy Boy, has it all going for him; talent, good looks, money, a beautiful wife and a powerful anointing.

After he wins seven trophies at the Ghana Arts Music and Entertainment Awards, Holy Boy returns home to his wife Celine, only to find himself the subject of a sex scandal that promises to destroy his marriage and ruin his career.

How does he deal with this scandal while fighting to save his crumbling marriage? And where does his manager, Brodo fit into all of this?

We have witnessed a number of scandals involving prominent people in this country including those in the entertainment field and if you have ever wondered just what they go through and what goes on behind closed doors, then Sex Scandal is the play for you.

It is interesting to see how Holy Boy gives in to temptation, tries to lie his way out of every situation he is implicated in and how his long suffering wife, Celine handles it all.

The standout character in Sex Scandal is perhaps April, wife of Holy Boy's manager, Brodo, who is actually the one who pushed her husband to sign him on.

She is bold, outspoken and is not afraid to call both Holy Boy and her husband out for their behaviour, especially when she finds out that Brodo is actually the one who contracted someone to seduce Holy Boy and cause the scandal so his artiste will remain faithful to him.

Brodo takes all these actions because of how he has been disappointed by his previous signees and April does not go easy on him.

For anybody in the entertainment field, the issues raised in Sex Scandal are so real and relatable; for the managers who have sunk huge amounts of money into their artistes only to be cast aside later, just like how Holy Boy was planning to ditch Brodo and for the artistes who have also been victims of a disappointed manager's revenge scheme.

However, the most important lessons here are the need for forgiveness and how we can always return to God no matter how far we have gone.

Once it is an Ebo Whyte production, there can be no doubt about its quality and this was another great production

Acting was on point and the choice of music and dance steps, characteristics of Roverman plays, were very appropriate and made it much more enjoyable.

The Festival of Plays ends on Tuesday, January 1 with the stand up comedy by Uncle Ebo Whyte, A Crazy Ride.