Secular acts more supportive than Gospel artistes - Lady Prempeh

By: Kofi Duah & Antoanette Sedinam Akoto- Tenu
Lady Prempeh says secular artistes more supportive than Gospel acts
Lady Prempeh
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THERE must be something going wrong in the Gospel music industry that needs looking at. Just last week, Gospel musician, Joyce Blessing revealed that she would not be collaborating with her colleagues again.

According to her, she prefers working with secular musicians because her Gospel artiste friends sometimes behave hypocritically.

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Now another Gospel musician Lady Prempeh has revealed that her colleagues are not as supportive as those from the secular scene.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz last Friday, the beautiful singer said Gospel musicians are reluctant in helping to push the brand of their colleagues.

“I have featured a couple of Gospel musicians and getting them to even promote the song is a problem. The secular artistes would rather share the song and make noise about it but the Gospel musicians will not and it sometimes amazes me. The unity is not there and I feel embarrassed about it often,” she said.

According to Lady Prempeh, is it about time Gospel musicians came together for the common good rather than seeking their individual interests.

She added that the backbiting in the industry should stop because it does not speak well of Gospel musicians.

Away from Gospel musicians and their issues, Lady Prempeh said the one thing she dislikes in the music scene has to do with our music videos.

“The videos do not have any bearing on the song. With the secular songs especially, they just parade girls in the music videos. Every music video must be meaningful and tell a particular story,” she said.

Known for songs such as Aseda, Enka ho da, Beka Meho, Ne Ntaban and Nsohwe Mma Kwa, Lady Prempeh is out with her latest single Me Kaikai and she says it talks about the goodness of God.

Lady Prempeh is one Gospel musician who is known for featuring secular artistes and she said collaborating with secular acts helps her win more souls for God.