#safeCARGO to show at British Council

By: Linda Safoa Antwi
Esther Armah Safe Cargo
Pearl Darkey and Kwaku Ankomah feature in #safeCARGO

#safeCARGO, a play that will put the focus on some of the big issues in society, will show at the British Council on Wednesday, August 22 at 6pm.

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Written and directed by playwright and communications specialist, Esther Armah, #safeCARGO, will feature some notable names like stage star, Pearl Darkey and Kwaku Ankomah, Co-Founder of the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy and a screen actor.

The play is centred on a young couple Amma and Kwabena who have had an on again, off again relationship. Amma has a dilemma while Kwabena must make a choice and when they meet at their apartment for one last conversation, it seems it is break up time but is it really?

Each of them has their own burdens which have impacted the relationship. Will Amma finally gather the courage to share her secret? Can Kwabena reveal his painful secrets?
And what happens when your biggest secrets have finally been spilled? Who do you become when your deepest shame is now out in the open? What healing comes from sharing your horror?

These are just some of the weighty issues that #safeCARGO tackles and it is bound to generate conversations long after the play is over.

There will be a post-performance Q&A moderated by award winning broadcaster and actress, Anita Erskine.

Esther Armah is an esteemed practitioner whose global media and communcations experiences span Africa, the US and the UK.
She is the host and executive producer of The Spin, a weekly one-hour show featuring women’s voices and airs on Citi FM and Starr FM.

As a playwright, she has four plays to her credit (#safeCARGO is her fifth); Can I Be Me? a one-woman show, Forgive Me? a two-character drama about an African immigrant and her African-American African identity-obsessed boyfriend; ENTITLED!– a three character piece about the complicated issues within the world of Black beauty magazines and SAVIOUR? – an all-male piece about betrayal, family and justice. Her plays have been performed on the stages of New York and Chicago.

Esther Armah said “I love theatre. I think of it as the 21st century drum; the live audience, the immediate response and the power of live connections.”

She likes to write lead roles for women always because “Women are treated like the supporting cast in life – and yet so often they lead – and so in theatre my practice is to always write lead roles for Black women.”

She hopes that #safeCARGO will be the first of an annual theatre project focusing on big issues; using drama within theatre to connect, engage and challenge audiences.

She aims to make Ghana drama and Ghanaian actors global. Just as she watched American plays in London, she wants to see Ghanaian plays with local actors there too.

#safeCARGO will play for only one night and entry is free.