Prince Harry is Britain's most popular royal

Prince Harry
Prince Harry is the UK’s most popular royal, according to a poll (Getty)
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Prince Harry is the nation’s most popular royal, that’s according to a YouGov survey.

The Duke of Sussex pips his grandmother, the Queen, to the post, with 77 per cent of people polled saying they liked him.

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Her Majesty is just behind her grandson, in second place, with 74 per cent favouring the UK’s longest serving monarch.

Prince Harry was described as admirable, likeable, humorous, fun loving and genuine by fans. 

So where does Prince Harry’s wife Meghan rank?

The Duchess of Sussex actually comes in as the sixth most popular, with 55 per cent of people polled saying they liked her.

Meghan is more popular with women than men, and is seen as attractive, beautiful, confident, charming and charismatic.

Meghan is the sixth most popular royal (Getty)

Prince Harry's older brother, Prince Williamis the third favourite with 73 per cent and his wife, Kate is fourth, with 64 per cent.

The Duchess of Cambridge is described as a good role model, attractive, genuine, beautiful and friendly.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who retired from public duties aged 96 last year, is the fifth most popular member.

Prince Andrew is the UK’s least popular royal, according to YouGov, with only 22 per cent of people polled having a positive opinion of the Duke of York. His daughters Beatrice and Eugenie rank just above him.

The Prince of Wales, who celebrates his 70th birthday this week and is heir to the throne comes in at number seven, while his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is in 10th place.

Here is the full list of the UK’s most popular royals:

1. Prince Harry

2. The Queen

3. Prince William

4. Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

Kate is fourth favourite (Getty)

5. Prince Philip

6. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

7. Prince Charles

8. Princess Anne

9. Zara Phillips

Prince Andrew is the nation’s least favourite royal, according to the poll (PA)

10. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

11. Sophie, Countess of Wessex

12. Prince Edward

13. Princess Beatrice of York

14. Princess Eugenie of York

15. Prince Andrew