Ohema takes the lead on Ghana's Most Beautiful

By: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Ohema star performer Ghana's Most Beautiful
Ohema has now won Star Performer twice on GMB

For the second time, Brong Ahafo representative in the Ghana's Most Beautiful pageant, Ohema, won the star performer. She emerged star performer for Fashion Night and again last night when she turned story teller.

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Dressed as an old lady, Ohema preached about integrity and being truthful at all times and used a story to drum home her point. She narrated that some young men were asked to grow seeds. All the seeds sprouted with the exception of one of the men, Kwakye, whose seed didn't germinate.

However, it turned out that he was the only honest man because the seeds that had been given to them could not germinate, indicating that the others all lied.

Ohema advised that we all be truthful in our ways and she was really in character while her costume and make up were on point.

She had a bad day last week but this time around, Tewa from the Central Region did better when she came on as a midwife advising pregnant women who had come for ante-natal care.

She claimed that modernisation and civilisation had brought us diseases and stressed that our health is our wealth. She asked the pregnant women to take their medication, eat properly and do mild exercises.

Upper East's Wekia came on as a project co-ordinator and spoke about leadership. "As a leader, you should be able to communicate with your workers effectively, you should be able to train your workers by delegating roles to them," she said. She ended by saying that leaders are not born but one can be groomed to become a leader.

Dzifa from the Volta Region talked about how to manage one's home and work effectively. She was a working mother who didn't have anyone to help look after her three-month old baby so she could go to work.
She asked that we maintain a good home/work balance and effectively plan and manage one's time.

When Ashanti Region's Afrah took her turn, her message was on the fact that lending a helping hand could open doors because a man she just helped knew someone at the company she is going to seek for employment. She also stressed the importance of networking.

From the Upper West was Nuo, who was selling second hand clothes while she was awaiting posting as a nurse. She liked to be independent for which reason she was involved in petty trading. Her advice for the youth was, "wake up, start something and make things work."

Northern Region's Nabia appeared as a poet who said growing up,her grandma used to tell her to dress decently and society groomed her to be morally upright. "Today, we see a society full of vices and it is sad."

The importance of family is what Eastern Region's Abena talked about. "Family is one of the greatest blessings we are given on earth, we shouldn't limit ourselves to the nuclear family but the extended family as well. The best people to entrust our children to is the extended family."

In these days of social media, Naa from the Greater Accra Region did her piece on social media saying that posting naked pictures on social media won't help.

She also decried the culture of insults on social media. "Because of social media people just insult the President and other public officials, let us keep our morals upright."

From the Western Region came Adepa who spoke on diverse cultures saying that is what binds us together as a people. She enjoys dancing and showed a bit of that before going ahead to exhibit her prowess on the drums.

Showbiz spoke to some people in the audience who shared their thoughts on the show.

Alimatu Osman, a student who had come to throw her weight behind Nabia said "I am here to support Nabia so I am urging everyone to vote for her.

"I think she did very well tonight and if she continues like this, she will go far. The important thing is for everyone to vote for her."

Abeiku Otoo is a banker and he supports Tewa. "Things did not go very well for Tewa last week, I am glad she did better tonight.The crown is certainly going to the Central Region this year," he said.

Jennifer Gyamfi is a caterer whose full support is for Abena, "As for this year, it is the Eastern Region all the way. I know Abena will win because she is very good and we are voting massively for her to win the ultimate."