My post was a wake up call—Princess Shyngle

By: Delali Sika
Princess Shyngle
Actress Princess Shyngle
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AFTER rapper Sarkodie, tied the knot with his girlfriend of more than 10 years Tracy last weekend, congratulatory messages poured in from all quarters but it is the one from actress Princess Shyngle which is garnering a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.

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In an Instagram post, Princess Shyngle shared photos of four celebs—Sarkodie and Tracy along with those of Trigmatic, John Dumelo, Stonebwoy and their wives and wrote:

“The most gorgeous couples. Seeing the images of Sark’s wedding online just got me thinking like seriously all the male celebrities are getting married to calm, chill, decent and well mannered no instagram or social media girls but all the female celebs above 30 almost 40 are all still single and busy attending weddings every weekend like don’t they feel bad. No shade though. Abeg dear future hubby start coming now before I turn 28 abeg. Congratulations Sark and Tracy.”

Her post has not gone down well people and she has received some bashing with many questioning the motive behind the post but in an interview with Showbiz, Princess Shyngle said she didn’t mean any harm but was just pointing out a worrying trend.

“My post is not about any one specific. See, it is the truth, like I said, how do we feel when every weekend we go to weddings of these male celebrities who are talking a lifetime journey with cool ladies, those who are not out there like us.

“How many of the female celebrities who are 30 or above are married? My post is supposed to be a wake up call, we need to ask ourselves what is wrong, why is the trend so. Sometimes on set, we discuss it and you often get answers like ‘the men are not coming ohh’,” she said.

“Look at John Dumelo, Phred Nuamah, Stonebwoy, Trigmatic and now Sarkodie, look at the girls they got married to. I ask myself why the industry is so because I am sure some of these male celebrities may have dated some female celebrities so why did they not settle down with them?

“It is like a curse, a canker which needs to be looked at. I will say again, it is like in this industry, when you are 30 years, it seems impossible to settle down,” Princess Shyngle continued.

Princess Shyngle has decided to make some changes to her lifestyle

The 30 Year Old Virgin actress said the worrying trend has got her taking a hard look at her life and what she can change.

“I would say if there is anyone that this post is for, it should be me, because, I have been asking myself a lot of questions. I am 28 now and I’m asking if it will be the same when I turn 30.

“What am I doing wrong now, how can I correct it and all. I believe in this life, everything happens for a reason and we are to learn from them and better ourselves,” she said.

Princess Shyngle tells Showbiz she has decided to make some changes. “Now, I am cleaning certain things out of my life like taking off my bikini photos on my Instagram page, changing a few things here and there so yes, it is not like I am just talking, I am actually taking steps to correct things.”

When asked if it is a bother that she will not get married since she lives her life on social media, she responded, “Not at all, I am 28 and if any man should come to me now and ask me to marry him, I will say no, I am not ready.

“Like mentally, I am not but if in two years time when I am 30, yes, I would be mentally ready for all that comes with marriage. For now, I am not dating and I just want to chill, work to improve in my acting career, grow and lay a good foundation", she added.

For her kind of man, Princess Shyngle told Showbiz he should be cute, God fearing, ambitious and confident.