MTN launches MTN Shortz on August 8,2018

By: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Noel Kojo Ganson at MTN Shortz launch
Mr Noel Kojo Ganson, Acting Chief Marketing Officer of MTN lauching MTN Shortz
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TELECOMMUNICATIONS giants MTN on Wednesday, August 8,2018 launched the MTN Shortz and MTN Shortz Challenge at a short ceremony at the MTN House in Accra.

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Launching MTN Shortz, Mr Noel Kojo Ganson, Acting Chief Marketing Officer, said in furtherance to their vision to lead in the delivery of a bold new digital world to their customers, MTN is committed to ensuring that their customers enjoy the full benefit of the Internet and emergence of digital technology.

“While driving the vision, MTN continues to find innovative ways in ensuring that we contribute to bridge the digital divide in Ghana by churning out very innovative products and services,” he said.

He used the opportunity to throw more light on what MTN Shortz is all about. “MTN Shortz is a platform that will empower our customers digitally and serve as a reference point for them to access short video content like comedy, animation, podcast, games and films. This platform is also expected to be revenue generating source for content developers.

MTN officials at the launch

“In order to boost content injection on the MTN Shortz platform and create the opportunity for content developers to monetize their creation, MTN is inviting content creators, animators, game developers, newspaper houses, movie producers, TV stations, radio stations, bloggers, Social Media experts to submit very innovative contents to participate in the MTN Shortz Challenge,” he said.

The MTN Shortz Challenge is a competition that will earn winners juicy prize packages. Participants should visit to register by providing the following information and upload their videos - full name, team members, contact member, email address and state participating category.

MTN is expecting content in the following categories, short films (5 to10 minutes), funny videos, podcast, animation and games. Submission of content begins from today, August 8 till August 27, 2018.

According to Mr Ganson, contents received for the competition will be reviewed and winners will be rewarded on September, 5, 2018. Participants of the MTN Shortz Challenge stand the chance of winning cash prizes up to a total of GHc50,000.00.

Mr Ganson encouraged all to be part of the challenge, “The MTN Shortz Challenge presents an opportunity for all of us to tell the African story or share information on Ghana’s history and culture and any other useful information required for life.

"Content could be on health, education and any other social issue of importance. We hope to receive very exciting and thought provoking content from various developers.”

“Our world is changing, we are right in the middle of a digital revolution. We cannot remain consumers only, we must be producers and developers too.

" I therefore challenge all of us to take advantage of the digital age to aspire to be content developers. Let’s not miss the oipportunity to make money from the content we create,” he concluded.

Naa Ashorkor was the MC at the event

Some guests at MTN Shortz launch