Medikal is harassing me-Rosemond Brown

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Rosemond Brown Akuapim Polo
Rosemond Brown

She has been making headlines lately and it appears social media celebrity, Rosemond Brown popularly known as Akuapim Polo, will not stop stirring controversy anytime soon.

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This time around, she is accusing rapper Medikal of harassing her sexually.
 In a video posted on her Facebook page last Thursday, she warns the Too Risky rapper to stop harassing her since she is not interested in him.

“Medikal, why do you want to find trouble for me? When Sister Deborah copied my dress style for the Golden Movie Awards, I was wrongly accused of being the copycat. Please, I can’t compete with Sister Derby so leave me alone.

“When you saw me yesterday, you were all over me, but for my decision to leave your presence, you would have raped me. What do you want from me?

She went on to advise Medikal to appreciate his beautiful girlfriend. “Please, be with one woman. Deborah too is beautiful and fair, what do you want again?” she asked.

For Rosemond, the reason why she would not want to be with Medikal is because he has no beard. In the video, she tells him he’s not her kind of man and introduced a bearded guy as her boyfriend.

Rosemond Brown teased, “Medikal, I don’t love you, this is my sweetheart, Kobby. He’s been so good to me and very handsome. His beard is what kills me.

“You Medikal, you don’t even have beard, please, allow me to enjoy my life,” she said.

Rosemond Brown has in recent times been involved in media altercations with other celebrities with the most recent being her feud with Afropop musician, Wisa Greid.

The quarrel started when Rosemond accused Wisa of spreading rumours that they were lovers and she didn’t take lightly to that in a video.

In a later response, Wisa said the actress was not his kind of woman because she enjoyed the company of "small boys". Whatever he meant by “small boys” is yet to be known.

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