Maudlyn Arday: Beating the odds

By: Delali Sika
Maudlyn Arday
Maudlyn Arday

Although production, be it movies, music or television is still seen as a man’s world, more women are taking up the big roles and excelling. And one such woman is Maudlyn Arday.

She has no formal training in production but passion and a desire to make difference is what has pushed her to single handedly produce the show, Slayers, on GhOne Television and she is proud of how far she has come.

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“The journey has not been easy but I will not say it is difficult too; I think I have gotten to that point where I don’t need to introduce myself so much like I used to. I wasn’t trained to be a producer but nothing is stopping me,” she said.

Maudlyn also noted that being able to survive in a supposed man’s world gives them (women) some level of respect.

“You know because they say it is a man’s world, when I go to a place and introduce myself, I get some level of respect and that is a good thing for me.

Even though it comes with its own challenges, in all I think it is cool.”

Slayers is meant to serve a platform to influence fashion trends.

It critiques fashion trends in the Ghanaian industry and gives exposure to new designers and celebrities.

The show from time to time awards creativity among designers.

Talking about the challenges that comes with being a producer, she said, “With my show for instance, the challenges may be sponsorship.

It is really hard these days convincing a client or company for sponsorship.

“Also, getting guests on the show is another challenge.

On Slayers, we look for guests who meet our standards and sometimes it is difficult getting such people.
“Sometimes, you have to postpone your shoot because a guest couldn’t make it.”

So how has she been able to have the show running looking at the financial challenges? “Aside being a TV personality/producer, I have other businesses.

I am currently the creative director/marketing strategist of a digital marketing company called Baobab Creative.

“I also own a fabric brand and I make good money from all these.

I love to work and I really work very hard to make sure I’m ok.

I am not the type who depend on people to survive. No!” she answered.

On how Slayers is doing, Maudlyn said, “It is doing very well now. So far, we love where we are now.

It got a nomination at the Ghana Fashion Awards earlier this year and we receive emails day in day out from people calling on us for events and other activities.

We are doing well, I think it is one of the best TV fashion shows we have now,” she said.