Laughter galore at Night Of 1025 Laughs and Music

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Foster Romanus Night of 1025 Laughs and Music
Foster Romanus hosted the show
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CHARTERHOUSE is not exactly known for keeping to time for its events but on Wednesday, December 26, patrons who made it to its Night of 1025 Laughs and Music held at the Accra International Conference Centre, were pleasantly surprised when the first comedian mounted the stage just a few minutes after the advertised time of 8pm.

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Of course, the Night of Laughs and Music has become such a highly anticipated show that the auditorium was nearly full by 8pm and the audience really appreciated that it started on time.

From the time the host, Foster Romanus, came on stage to officially open the show and introduce the first act, it was quite clear the audience had a common goal; to have fun and use laughter as their therapy and the comedians delivered.

Ghanaian comedian, ID James Brown, who his colleagues refer to as "fine boy" did not disappoint as the opening act. Even though he is a slow talker,he still got the audience laughing at his jokes.

He touched on a number of subjects including how Africans don't have anything in common with Christmas carols. He wondered how for instance Ghanaians were experiencing Harmattan yet were singing about winter and snow.

One of the best acts on the night was Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law, who was just awesome throughout his performance. He might not have been an audience favourite but he made a strong statement with his delivery.

He touched on the ills of the Nigerian society and how the military is feared but same respect is not accorded the Police.

The highlight of his show was comparison of how African  and Western journalists report live from conflict areas. It is not surprsising he had some of the loudest cheers when he dropped the mic.

After that amazing performance by Seyi Law, comedienne Jacinta had the arduous task of maintaining the excitement or even raising it high.  

When she made a grand entry with Sister Derby's Kakalika Love, expectations were very high but she could not live up to that. She sounded tired and explained that she had just returned from Nigeria.

That notwithstanding, she still gave it her best shot. Her jokes ranged from how Ghanaian trotro mates were more well mannered than Nigerian bus conductors.

Her joke about how Nigerian men are agrresive when proposing to women was well received and she sent the auditorium roaring with laughter when she mentioned how she has not been able to keep a stable relationship because the men who come into her life don't take her serious because she is comedienne.

His strong point has been to use the title of songs to tell his jokes and Nigerian, Kenny Blaq, stuck to that in getting the audience's attention.

Even though he wasn't exceptional on the night, he had some good jokes to tell especially about how white folks loved genuinely and also rehashed some of his old jokes.

When he was introduced as the tallest comedian in Ghana by the host, patrons who didn't know Lekzy De Comic has expected a giant figure but to their surprise, it was a short man who came on stage.

Lekzy De Comic was amazing on the night

His size however was no barrier to him getting to the audience and they were with him throughout his performance. They cheered to show they approved of his jokes which included how the various heads of state responded to questions during Meet the Press sessions.

Lekzy was phenomenal on the night and there was no surprise when Nigerian act, Bovi, commended him when he came on stage.

Bovi and another Nigerian comedian, Akpororo, were the last entertainers at the event which run into the dawn of Thursday. They are not new to Ghanaian audiences and especially patrons of the Night of Laughs and Music series because their shows were well received as well.

The night was spiced up with great music to complement the jokes. Tunes from Lynx Entertainment artiste, Kidi and gospel musician, Joe Mettle, came at the right time to relax the audience who had been laughing throughout.

Foster Romanus was okay as the host and he also told some really funny jokes that cracked the audience up. In all this was another good production by Charterhouse.