Latif's Judas and Delilah 2 thrills audience

By: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Ecow Smith Judas Delilah 2
Antics like this made the audience members laugh their hearts out watching the play

Latif Abubakar's Globe Productions never fail to thrill their audiences with their stage plays and that is exactly what they did with their latest titled, Judas and Delilah 2, at the Accra International Conference Centre on Saturday.

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The production, which is a continuation of the first play, Judas and Delilah, staged earlier in the year, put the focus on HIV/AIDS.

Playing to a nearly full house, the play is set in a clinic and opens with two staff members, Baba and Oluu, having a conversation and keeping the audience in stitches with their sense of humour.

The atmosphere turns chaotic as a woman with a sick baby comes in followed by a policewoman and her colleague who is behaving abnormally. Oluu injects him to keep him calm.

The doctor, Nana, showers Jezebel with money to win her affections

A soldier also comes in to see the doctor and the exchanges with Baba and Oluu and the patients get even hotter.

Delilah, the nurse at the clinic attends to a patient called Judas but it is obvious that the latter is more interested in having Delilah touch him than anything else. He is just in love with the nurse.

A pretty Jezebel comes to the scene and it appears she has slept with the doctor, Nana and Baba. Meanwhile she says she is pregnant and has AIDS.

Earlier, Nana (played by Ecow Smith-Asante) had not recognised her and made advances at her saying he wants to make her his wife until she spilled the beans.

Delilah's suitors try to impress her with one of them spraying her with cash

Apparently Delilah had a mission all this while and it was to arrest the doctor who has had AIDS for the past 10 years and was just spreading it. What happens to the doctor at the end of the day?

What about Delilah? Who wins her heart in the long run after all the men express their love for her?

Judas and Delilah is undoubtedly a hilarious play which kept the audience laughing from start to finish.

Judas and Delilah 2 had the audience in stitches most of the time

The play is interspered with music and dancing making it very interesting. The issue of HIV-AIDS is treated in a light manner but the message is still sent across.

Acting was generally good and the set and costumes are on point. Latif Abubakar and Globe Productions deserve commendation putting up another great production.

Latif Abubakar (microphone in hand) presented a reward to one of his loyal patrons to say thank you for her support