Kwahu Easter: Alcoholic beverage producers cash in

By: Seth J. Bokpe
Alcoholic beverage producers storm Kwahu
These ladies promoted and sold Kaapreko's Alomo Bitters

ALCOHOLIC beverage producers have turned the Kwahu Easter festivities into a battle of sales.

Producers of most of the country’s most advertised alcoholic beverages, especially those popularly called 'Bitters,' have stormed towns on the Kwahu Ridge selling their produce to the thousands of revellers in town.

On offer are brands including Nana Takyi Bitters, Alomo Bitters, Wobeti Bitters, Adonko Bitters, Nutso Atadwe Drink, Kpoo Keke Atadwe and Ginger Liquor, Onaapo Atadwe Ginger and Gidi Bitters. There are also popular beers such as ABC and Club Beer.

These alcoholic beverage producers are using young ladies dressed in tight shorts, trousers, leggings and branded T-shirts who have invaded almost all the towns holding bottles for sale.

The ladies have become the centre of attraction with people staring at them everywhere they are.

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Sometimes leaving little to the imagination with their outfits, they also wear funky hairdos in a kaleidoscope of colours.

Twisting and turning to music blasting from sound systems on the streets of Obomeng, Mpraeso, and Atibie they take advantage of traffic jams and approach every vehicle and adults, flashing smiles.

Apart from the ladies selling the drinks there are also men with painted bodies and huge billboards and banners all advertising the drinks on the streets.

Another interesting strategy adopted by the alcoholic beverage producers is to attach food joints to their stands which all helps to boost sales.

Below are some pictures by Samuel Tei-Adano

The ladies not only sold the drinks they had fun as well

The Shisha Lounge stocked up on almost all the alcoholic beverages