Kisa Gbekle:Shatta Wale is single until married

By: Delali Sika
Kisa on Shatta Wale
Actress, Kisa Gbekle

DAYS after news broke that Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale, and his baby mama, Michy, had gone their separate ways, speculation about the My Level hitmaker’s love life heightened after it was reported that he was seeing a new lady who turned out to be actress, Kisa Gbekle.

The two fuelled the speculations by flaunting each other’s pictures on their respective social media pages and responding to each other’s posts in a manner some thought was too suggestive.

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While the timing of the supposed relationship has been uncomfortable for some, Kisa Gbekle has asked her critics to back off because Shatta Wale is single until he gets married.

“I have seen lots of stories going round and the name calling has also been something else but I want to tell people that until Shatta Wale is married, he is single. So he is at liberty to date whoever he wants to be with so they should let him be.

“Shatta Wale is not a child and knows what is good for him, he is also mature to make a choice when he wants to and knowing him, he would want to flaunt his woman when he gets her so people should just keep their cool and watch,” Kisa told Showbiz.

Kisa describes Shatta Wale as a nice guy who is kind and intelligent

She stressed that she didn’t care about the name calling she had been subjected to. “What people say does not bother me at all, that is their opinion and at the right time, when the truth comes out, everyone will know and the tongues will stop wagging.”

Kisa, however, refused to answer when Showbiz asked if she was indeed dating Shatta Wale.“I do not have an answer to that as to whether we are dating or have dated or anything like that but all I can say is that, we are friends, he is like a brother to me and that is it”, she added.

When asked to describe her friend, she said, “Wale is a nice guy, he is a good person and not what we see on social media. In real life, he is very kind, intelligent, smart, friendly, respectful and has a good heart not forgetting that he is a fun loving person too”, she said.

On her acting career, Kisa Gbekle, who has featured in TV series, The Miser and movies such as Accra Runs, 8PM, The Will and Accra Hustler said she had put acting on hold to run a business.

“We all know that the movie industry has been slow in recent times so for now, I am focusing on my other businesses.

“I don’t remember the last time I acted but as and when I get scripts that come with something tangible financially, I will go for it but right now, I have a watch business and bakery that are doing well so far,” she explained.