Joe Jackson in final stages of terminal cancer

Joe Jackson
Joe Jackson is battling terminal cancer

Joe Jackson, father of Michael, Janet and the performing family, and architect of The Jackson 5 is reportedly in the "end stages" of a battle with terminal cancer and was hospitalised in Las Vegas this week, multiple outlets reported on Friday.

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TMZ alleges that Joe Jackson "has been battling the illness for some time, but it is at the end stages" now, and that "the cancer cannot be treated."

His wife, Katherine, has been at his side in the hospital for the past several days -- as have some of the legendary manager's children and grandchildren but she was only able to do so after an alleged standoff with Joe's manager, Charles Coupet.

The Daily Mail reported that the father of eleven children's last days have not been without controversy. For the first four days of his hospitalisation, Joe Jackson was reportedly not able to see his family, with his handlers barring them from visiting him on his deathbed.

Katherine and daughter Rebbie had reportedly visited Joe Jackson in his Las Vegas home last week before he was moved to a hospital without the rest of his family being informed of the move.

The outlet says that Joe himself "had given verbal instructions" that he didn't want family to see him or his medical records.

"If it's true there was verbal instructions from Joseph, we'd like to know how that instruction was obtained," a family member explained.

"Joe Jackson's a proud man who is all about image -- was he saying he doesn't want anyone to see him like that, or was he saying he doesn't want family near him?"

"Something is not right about this," the family member added.

After reportedly holding multiple family meetings and pleading with Joe's manager, though, Katherine and the rest of the family were finally able to see their ailing patriarch.

"No one knew what was going on," Jermaine Jackson told The Daily Mail. "We shouldn't have to bed, plead and argue to see our own father, especially at a time like this.

“ We have been hurting. We were not being told where he was and couldn't get the full picture. Even from the doctor. My mother was worried sick."

Joe's son went on to describe his condition as "very, very frail." "He doesn't have long," he added. "The family needs to be by his bedside. That's our only intention in his final days. It's what any family would want, but some people around him think they know better, and they don't."

Joe's health decline comes after years of reports that he has suffered multiple strokes and has battled with dementia, too.

Other sources told The Daily Mail that "the people around Joe Jackson are the people who have been there for him in his everyday life" and that "they are acting in his interests and no one else's."

Additionally, the source added, the situation is "not as black and white as people are making it out" to be, and that "the Jackson family doesn't have the capacity to deal with this on its own, so certain people are taking charge of the situation."