Jennifer Aniston's plane forced to make emergency landing

Jennifer's plane forced to make emergency landing
Jennifer Aniston(right) and former Friends co-star Courteney Cox were on the plane

US actress, Jennifer Aniston's 50th birthday plans were unexpectedly delayed when her private jet was forced to make an emergency landing.

The plane carrying the Aniston and a group of friends, including former Friends co-star Courteney Cox, was en route to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico after taking off from Los Angeles International Airport on Friday morning.

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Jennifer Aniston's plane lost a wheel or tyre soon after take-off

However due to problems with one of the plane's wheels or tyres shortly after take-off, the flight was diverted to Ontario International Airport in California.

Before landing, the aircraft spent a few hours circling over the airport to burn its fuel as it would have been too dangerous to land the plane with a full tank.

The jet landed safely and everyone on board was said to be in good spirits

The plane landed safely just after 2pm and Aniston and her party boarded another plane to continue their journey to Mexico.

Reports suggest everyone on board were in good spirits.

A Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said in a statement: "A Gulfstream G4, tail number N729TY, lost a wheel or tyre while departing from LAX.

"The aircraft departed without incident and circled near Ontario International Airport (ONT) to burn fuel.

"The plane landed at ONT without incident, with the gear down, shortly after 2pm. The plane's planned destination was Cabo San Lucas."

Prior to the Mexico celebrations, Aniston organised a star-studded party to celebrate her 50th birthday the same weekend as this year's Grammys and the BAFTAs, and the guest-list was truly astounding.

Famous faces spotted arriving at the party in West Hollywood's Sunset Tower included Amal and George Clooney, Reese Witherspoon, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, Sandra Bullock, Ellen DeGeneres, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cindy Crawford, and ex-husband Brad Pitt.