It was just another prank – Reggie Rockstone

By: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Reggie Rockstone
Grandpapa of Hiplife, Reggie Rockstone

ONE thing anyone cannot miss on Reggie Rockstone is his dreadlocks which he has had for several years.

He has a way of making people believe that he has cut his locks when in actual fact, they are intact.

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Some years ago, Reggie pulled a fast one on everyone by posting a picture of himself without the dreadlocks forcing people to believe that he had indeed done away with his locks.

It turned out that it was just a prank. Just a couple of days ago, the Sweetie Sweetie hitmaker was at it again, posting a photo of him seemingly without his locks and the buzz it generated on social media was a surprise to Reggie himself.

Speaking to Showbiz on Thursday, November 15, Reggie said he was surprised people fell for it.

“When I posted it, I actually left clues by writing hashtag “Saytay” but they still fell for it, I however pulled the same prank some years back and so I thought they would remember but I guess not.

“Folks were really emotional about it especially the sisters, bless them, some also found a way to disrespect me and I wonder how they feel now,” he said.

Reggie's 'fake' picture with his dreadlocks cut off

According to Reggie, the comments that came through were quite interesting and the show of love was simply amazing.

“It was interesting reading comments and how much love there is for a brother as well. Of course a few haters snuck through but general concern was healthy and I was more surprised how far this news travelled,” he said.

“I was just playing but it played out very interestingly, many still believe it is so because it is now reaching America, what was most interesting was my kids’ teachers and the other kids in the school though.

“It confused my kids because they didn’t know what I had done, I had to tell them it was a prank and to play along,” he said.

For Reggie, it is interesting that people now accept dreadlocks.

“Is it not interesting how most people frowned on this hairdo back in the day but today ask why I cut? Times have indeed changed and for the better, stigma is old school and it is great to see Africans identifying with Africa and more.

“I feel like I am definitely part of the process that broke these stereotypes and barriers down. I was on a billboatd campaign with my locks for Guinness and more, doors kicked opened for me,” he said.