It has not been easy for me - Great Ampong

By: Kofi Duah
Great Ampong reveals life has been tough for him
Great Ampong
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WITH 16 albums to his credit, a lot of hit songs and more than a decade’s experience in the music industry, one would have expected Gospel musician Great Ampong to be living comfortably but the singer says that is not the situation.

According to the Akokofunu hitmaker, the last five years especially had not been easy for him because producers were no longer investing in Gospel music and he had been greatly affected by that.

“The last time I released a song was five years ago and that is because I am not getting a producer who will support me financially. Money is everything in this industry and once you don’t have money to record songs, shoot music videos and do promotions then you can forget about making it as a musician.

“There are big shows I expect to be on but no one invites me for such events, all is not well with me. Even with my Coronavirus song I just released, I didn’t have money to pay the sound engineer but he recorded it for me because we go way back,” he said.

Asked how he has survived all these years, Great Ampong said God had seen him through while he sometimes got a gig or two.

“Some individuals believe in what I have and invite me to perform for them because they know what I can do. I am not bragging but I can perform my own songs for hours. I have 16 albums to my credit excluding the many features I have done,” he said.

Great Ampong, real name Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong, said the ‘big men’ in the country didn’t have any regard for Gospel music.
“We say we are a Christian country but we do not respect Gospel musicians. Most of the big shows are given to the secular artistes; the last time I was invited for a programme with one big Highlife artiste, I was not paid but the secular artiste took GH¢50,000.

“More so, the big men I know could help me either do not pick up my calls or avoid me when I go to their offices,” he disclosed. He, however, praised some individuals who always came to his aid.

Talking about the way forward, Great Ampong said it was about time the churches came in to help since most of the Gospel musicians started from the church.

“The churches have money and this is the time to show love to the Gospel musicians but I know they will not because they think it is our individual business and do not want to invest in us,” he said.  

Great Ampong said the love he had for Gospel music was so strong that he did not intend to quit despite the challenges he was going through.

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