Is cheating only rich men's game? CNN asks Jamestown fisherman

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The CNN journalist, Christiane Amanpour during her tour of Ghana with the 'Sex and Love Around the World' programme, did not only speak to Moesha Boduong, but also to a fisherman at James Town, who shared the opinion that only rich men are able to have mistresses in Ghana.

The fisherman told Amanpour that he believes only rich men can afford to have mistresses aside their wives.

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"I don’t cheat on my wife because I'm a poor man," he said.

 "This is rather interesting. You did say that you don't cheat because you are poor person, would you say that people who cheat are mostly the rich people who can afford to have a wife and a mistress and a girlfriend," she quipped.

The fisherman answers in the affirmative, and explains that "Because of their money, when you are rich you can decide to choose any woman you want, but I am a poor person so I need to stay with one lady.

A number of Ghanaians on Thursday turned livid at comments by actress Moesha Boduong who told CNN that Ghana's economy is so bad that a lady must date a married man [sponsor] to fend for her.

While many condemned her generalisation of an otherwise immoral lifestyle, others came to her defence saying her critics were being hypocritical because the practice is widespread and a reality.