I welcome controversies whole heartedly—George Quaye

By: Delali Sika
George Quaye
George Quaye aka Aboagye

If there is any media personality or PR person who has been through tough times in terms of controversies, it is no other than George Quaye known in showbiz circles as Aboagye.

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He has moved from one crisis to the other, from when he was communications person for Ghana Music Awards, to when he did some little public relations work for investment outfit, Menzgold but in all this, the Taxi Driver actor says, he is not bothered, he just walks away.

“Controversy is a part of all of us and I always welcome it whole heartedly. I do what I can and try to make the best decisions even if those decisions mean I may have to lose something important.

"You see, for every single decision we make, it's pertinent that we think about family, our dependents, those who hold us dear and in high esteem, and those who look up to us and mostly, those we seek to inspire,” George Quaye told Showbiz.

He continued, “If you follow me on social media you must have come across a post recently that said that I don't live alone, we are members of one body and must be responsible for each other. So I really don't worry my head over controversies.

"People will see you how they want to see you no matter what. People will say what they want to say behind you no matter what. People will do what they want to do no matter what.

"So I just keep doing what I can to make myself and my family happy. I am the only one who knows whether or not those shoes are too tight, too lose or fit perfectly. So I will just keep walking. The rest can catch up when they are done talking", he said.

Moving on to other things, though he has resigned from hosting the Morning Zoo on Starr FM and Pundits on Gh One TV, George Quaye says he still loves being an on air personality and has not lost that touch.

“That's not entirely true. You know I sit in for my sister, Naa Ashorkor sometimes on Joy FM's Showbiz A-Z but I do agree when you say I have been a bit reserved in that arena.

"I stepped down as host of The Pundits on GHOne in February this year and left radio sometime in July I think. So yes, I have been a bit slow but don't worry, I will be back before you blink.

"Sometimes, when I hear and follow some of the issues in our industry and listen to some of the interviews, I bite myself for not being on air.”

George Quaye who now runs his own firm said, “We are doing pretty well. Fortunately we are blessed with the ability to do a lot of things.

"My firm Image Bureau (a Communications and PR Consultancy) is gradually picking up. So far, we have about four loyal clients who trust us with their portfolios, we would give off our best,” he stated.