I’m unfazed by criticisms — Brother Sammy

By: Kofi Duah
Brother Sammy
Brother Sammy

Gospel musician, Brother Sammy, has courted controversy since he came into the limelight and he is at it again with his latest song, Agye Wɔn Sɛm.

He has been heavily criticised this week for the lyrics of the song which many see as throwing shade at a lot of people.

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Some of the lines go like this: ‘Nipa fon na ɔka nsɛm fon’ translating loosely as ‘it is the idiot who says foolish things or uses foul language’.

Again Brother Sammy says ‘Deɛ ne se aprɔ na ɔseɛ nipa’ also loosely meaning ‘it is the one with dental decay who destroys another.’

These and other lines have angered music lovers who have descended heavily on him on social media with some calling for a ban on the song and others asking for him to apologise but Brother Sammy is unperturbed.

He told Showbiz on Tuesday that he is not bothered by the comments people are making as he was speaking his mind on the song.

“I sing what comes to my mind and I don’t care whatever anyone says about me or my songs.

Whether the song is banned or not, I don’t really care since my point has been made,” he said.

Asked the reason he did such a song in the first place, Brother Sammy responded that the song is a true reflection of what is happening in Ghana.

“It is the stupid person that says nonsense. The rich have no time to gossip but the poor are rather gossiping all the time. I don’t see why anyone should have problems with this song,” he said.

According to him, he is inspired by what he sees around and nothing stops him when he is in the mood to do a song.

Brother Sammy was in the news recently over accusations he made against a colleague, Cecilia Marfo who now owns a church.

To him, the woman was using black magic and a supposed deliverance she carried out on him was all fake.