I'm not rude, just principled — Nana Yeboah

By: Kofi Duah
Nana Yeboah says he is not rude but only a no-nonsense person
Nana Yeboah

HE is the latest sensation to have come out of Kumawood and has gained attention for his sharp tongue in movies leading to people wondering if actor, Nana Yeboah, is just as caustic in real life.

But the man who can insult the life out of anyone says he is not as rude as he is perceived but only principled.

“I get a lot of comments that I am insolent but that is me. Being principled does not make you rude, the fact is, I can’t stand nonsense and I say things as they are and that is probably why people think I like to insult,” he told Graphic Showbiz last week.

According to Nana Yeboah, he could be a nice person depending on how one related to him. “I don't just walk around insulting people but when you fall into my trap, I will not forgive you.

“For instance, you don’t expect me to laugh with you when you call me girlish or gay, I will not spare you at all. I am not happy when such comments are made about me.

“I have heard one or two comments about that but I can never be gay. I am faithful to my wife and I have two sets of twins. As for being gay, I will never be, not even in my next life,” he said.

Talking about his career, Nana Yeboah who has starred in over 70 movies such as Emmre Pa Beba, Hyebre, Computer Marriage, Odo Safoa, Enemies in the House among others said he was grateful to his friend who introduced him to a movie producer five years ago.

Nana Yeboah disclosed that it had not been easy getting to where he is. “I have tried different jobs such as being a mechanic, working at a supermarket among others but I had to stop because I just couldn’t stand my bosses. I was always picking fights with them until I finally found myself acting.

“People like how I play my roles and it is the kind of things I say that has brought me a lot of followers. Some call me the no nonsense man and I like it that way," he stated.

Asked if he worked with scripts while playing his roles in movies, Nana Yeboah said he mostly did not use scripts but did things his own way.

“All I need is for the producer to tell me to play the role of a cruel landlord or an insulting drunkard and we are good to go,” he said.

The Kumasi-based actor called on the government to invest in the movie industry so it could get back on its feet again.

“The government can help the movie industry by giving producers money to shoot good movies. Also, the television stations must have discussions with movie producers on how best they can support each other when it comes to showing local content,” he said.

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