I'm afraid to show my woman in public - Funny Face

By: Kofi Duah
Funny Face afraid of showing his woman in public
Funny Face
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COMEDIAN/actor Funny Face, says he is afraid of showing his lady love publicly because of his previous experience.

According to Funny Face, who recently welcomed twin girls with his new love, the troubles from his failed marriage have made him cautious.

"I want to keep my new woman out of the public because she is a private person and because of my previous relationship. I am very happy with my woman because she was there for me through my pain.

"I almost committed suicide and thank God this special lady came into my life at the time I needed her. I don't want to even mention her name to anyone but she knows I truly love her,” he told host of Showbiz Agenda on Zylofon FM, Sammy Flex on Tuesday, September 4.

Disclosing how he met his lady, Funny Face said she served him at an event and what she told him made him fall in love with her.

"She told me to be myself no matter what I was going through and I should try to come out of it. She told me to do what made me happy," he said.

Funny Face said he had learnt a lot in the last year or two and advised male celebrities to choose women with brains and not just a banging body.

“Big ass and breasts is not what you should look for when choosing a woman. I used to like big ass but all that does not matter to me again. My new woman also has ass and I am happy about that.

"But I would rather go in for a woman who is intelligent and will help me with what I do than a lady with big booty and breasts,” he said.

According to Funny Face, his ordeals have also made him know who his real friends are.

“Some of my friends were happy when  I was going through difficulties and thought I will never rise up again. I am aware of such people and I will deal with them at the appropriate time,” he said.

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