I like to be criticised - Shatta Wale

By: Delali Sika
Shatta Wale says he likes to be criticised
Shatta Wale

HIS harsh reaction to any statement that seems to be a criticism has made many people believe that Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale, does not like to be corrected.

He has in the past taken the likes of radio host, Andy Dosty and musician, Ackah Blay to the cleaners but the Commando artiste says that is not so.

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According to Shatta, he has no problem being criticised because it puts him on his toes. “I do not have issues with people critiquing me. I believe I am human and not perfect so such critics put me on my toes and get me to go out there and do more.

“Apart from that, criticism helps me watch my back knowing very well that I should not relent or get comfortable with my works so I am always on the grind,” he said in an interview on Zylofon TV.

Giving insight into who he was, Shatta Wale said, “I am a very simple guy who likes simple things. You will not get me moving from one expensive place or hotel to the other. Once in a while I would want to go and wind down, go to the pool and all that but it is not like I have made it so I have to spend anyhow,” he said.

On how much he made from his Reign album, Shatta Wale said he didn't make enough from Ghana but got money from outside the shores of the country.

“For Ghana, I didn’t really make much but it was ok. In the UK and US what I made was enough and I am grateful for that,” he stated.

If there is any artiste who has a huge repertoire of songs, it is Shatta Wale and he releases on a nearly daily basis and he revealed that he records at least four songs a day.

“I will say I am a studio rat because I spend almost every day in the studio and so averagely I put out a lot of songs, about four, sometimes I forget to even eat or drink anything.

"I am the type that when an idea comes to my mind and I do not execute it, I feel I might not have the chance to do it or do it like it is supposed to be so I don’t like leaving my studio,” he said.

He added, “There are also the times that if an idea comes and I do not put it down, I feel it may go to another person and because of this, there are so many songs that I sometimes find difficult recollecting how I named them. I recall, I did a song and some people wanted the raw file but I couldn’t find it because the songs are plenty.”