I lied about my affair with Waakye - Akuapem Poloo

By: Delali Sika
Akuapem Poloo
Akuapem Poloo has apologised to Waakye

SOCIAL media personality, Rosemond Brown aka Akuapem Poloo has apologised to veteran actor Prince Yawson aka Waakye for lying about an affair she claimed they had in an interview on The Delay Show recently .

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On the said programme, Akuapem Poloo mentioned Waakye as one of two men in the movie industry who have slept with her when host Deloris Frimpong Manso asked her the number of men in the make believe industry who have gone to bed with her.

 According to her, Waakye who was then introducing her to the movie industry asked her out and she gave in and they had sex.

But at a media screening of a movie, Obaamu in Accra on Tuesday, July 10 where both Waakye and Akuapem Poloo were present, Poloo made a u-turn and seized the opportunity to apologise to the actor.

Apologising to Waakye, Akuapem Poloo said everybody knows that whatever she does in her videos is all about fun. "The truth is that Mr. Yawson introduced me to the movie industry and he played a vital role nurturing me to become who I’m today. "

"Whatever I said on The Delay Show was a lie just to get hype. We all know that, for the past eight years that started acting, I was not known until I started doing these videos on my social media platforms. People know that I create crazy things just for fun.

“I humbly ask that, those gathered here should assist me beg Waakye for forgiveness. You know, as a child when you wrong an elder, you have to ask for forgiveness.

"There is an Akan saying that when your child defecates on your laps, you do not cut them off but clean them. Please forgive, me for any wrong I have done. I am deeply sorry,” Akuapem Poloo added.

On his part, Waakye made it clear that, he had forgiven her long ago, “I am a man of few words as people know and when this issue came out, I took it with a pinch of salt, I am not bothered.

"If it is left to me alone, I would not have commented on it but since I have been asked and it is in the midst of people, I have to say something that is why I am even talking about it but I guess we should just let sleeping dogs lie,” he said.

Watch video below of Akuapem Poloo rendering her apology 

This is not the first time Akuapem Poloo has apologised for allegedly making up stories about others. It seems making videos and telling fibs about people and later apologising to them is her stock in trade.

Not too long ago, she came out with a video accusing musician Medikal of attempting to rape her. She also went viral in a video where she said Delay of The Delay Show was using her to get popular. She however apologised to both of them saying it was all for fun and the hype.