Haillie initiates 'Masking For A Friend' campaign

By: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Haillie on 'Masking for a Friend'
Actress/Model, Haillie Sumney
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GHANAIAN actress and model, Haillie Sumney has started a challenge dubbed Masking for A Friend campaign which aims at encouraging wearing of masks to protect others from COVID-19.

And to encourage the wearing of masks, Haillie posted a picture of herself in a fashionable red face mask designed by Ghanaian designers, laurenhautecouture on Instagram on Sunday night(10-05-2020).

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There is no disputing the fact that COVID-19 has got everyone talking and looking out for possible ways to stop the pandemic.

Haillie sporting the mask designed by laurenhautecouture

One of the common ways to stop the spread of the pandemic is the wearing of face masks and all hands are on deck to ensure that everyone wears a face mask in these trying times.

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Celebrities and influencers are joining the Masking for a Friend campaign to encourage wearing of masks to protect others.

Most of them have taken it upon themselves to wear face masks so as to encourage others to do same.

The goal is to spread accurate information about the benefits of masking, particularly for those around us because it is not about protecting ourselves, it’s about protecting our loved ones and the loved ones of others.

Of course, the campaign has had the added bonus of celebrities normalizing the act of wearing a face mask and proving that doing so can even be trendy.

Haillie encourages wearing of face masks to fight COVID-19

Talking about wearing mask as a measure to curb COVID-19, Haillie said “as we start to navigate life beyond the stay-at-home orders, we likely will need to continue to use face masks if we want to prevent continued transmission.

“ A mask alongside frequent handwashing and physical distancing measures like staying two metres apart reduces the risk,” Haillie added.