My suffocation not publicity stunt - Gospel artiste Perpetual Didier

By: Kofi Duah
Perpetual Didier says suffocation not publicity stunt
Perpetual Didier

GOSPEL musician Perpetual Didier has said that her suffocation in the studios of Accra-based radio station, Vision 1 last Friday was not a publicity stunt.

Perpetual Didier had been in a live worship session on Vision 1 as part of promotion for her latest single Miracle started suffocating at the end of the show.

Quick thinking on the part of those around her helped as they immediately rushed to the St John's Hospital where she was given oxygen to calm the situation.

Although the matter did not get widespread attention, some of those who got to know about it have claimed it was just a stunt to get attention but she has denied that.

“Why would I look for hype when I almost lost my life. There is no way I would do such a thing for hype. I just thank God for my life,” she told Graphic Showbiz recently.

Perpetual also expressed her appreciation to God for saving her life.

“I thank God for my life because I could have died. My second appreciation goes to the doctors and nurses on duty at the St. John’s Hospital for their willingness to do everything possible to keep me safe,” she said.

Perpetual Didier, who is also known as 'Gospel Striker' has songs such as Suspect, Kurom Aye De, Sima Biaa, Nkomhye, Wahendzi, Halleluyah and Agyenkwa Yesu and has worked with artistes such as Obaapa Christy, Brother Sammy, Nero X and Akrobeto.

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