GMB 2010 winner Ama cautions pageant contestants

By: Delali Sika
Ama is GMB 2010 winner
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WINNER of TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful(GMB) Season Six, Nana Ama Agyeiwaa has cautioned beauty pagant contestants to ‘shine their eyes’ so they do not fall prey to unscrupulus men who under the pretext of sponsoring their projects end up sleeping with them.

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These projects are the ones the young women have promised to undertake either while participating in the pageants or afterwards. And because sometimes the finacial backing is not available, men take advantage of them.

The stories about sex for sponsorship hovering around beauty pageants all boil down to lack of funds and although not everyone ends up in a ‘sponsor’s bed, Ama admits ‘hustle’ is real.

But talking to Graphic Showbiz on Tuesday, Ama believes if pageants organisers put certain measures in place to suport young women after the event, they will be less likely to fall into the traps set by these men.

“ You see, after the pageant, you are expected to breathe life into the projects you said you would embark on and there is no money to put it together. Honestly, looking for sponsors after such events especially is very challenging.

“And there are big men who are waiting to take advantage of these girls before giving them help so if the girls are not smart about it, some end up in their beds and that is where my issue is. The girls have to be smart when looking for sponsorship. They should shine their eyes,” she added.

Ama who won Ghana’s Most Beautiful(GMB)pageant in 2010 recounted an experience she had after the competition, “ I needed help to start my project and I remember I wrote letters seeking sponsorship. There was this man who offered to help but from our conversations.

" He later started referring to me with pet names such as ‘baby’, ‘dear’, ‘honey’ and I realised he was up to something so I cut him off completely and moved on. You just have to see the signs and end it.

According to Ama who hosts Spot Light on TV3, another reason some of the girls end up in men’s beds is because some of them just want to keep up appearances. “Some of the contestants become known on TV and hence need to keep up appearances, look good etc so the men again take advantage of them. So they use what they have to get what they want” she said.

“Such ladies should learn to live within their means and not allow the pressures of society get them into things that they will otherwise not do. They should not forget that hard work and working smart pays.”

She said “ I believe pageant organisers should support their contestants. I want to use this opportunity to applaud TV3 for what they have been doing. They encourage their contestants to do their intership with them after school. It might not be much but it is better than nothing”, she added.