Give GH comedians a break —Lekzy tells critics

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Lekzy Decomic

FOR the fault finders who enjoy making negative comments about Ghanaian comedians, comedian Lekzy Decomic has one message for them, “Give us a break, because even God ‘fails’ sometimes.”

Lekzy, who was at the Showbiz offices on Monday for a chat, was quite emotional when talking about the bashing Ghanaian comedians are receiving.

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“People should just give Ghanaian comedians a break because we are tired of all the negative energy.

"It is as if such critics are always looking for our downfall and only find time to talk about a comedian’s performance when things don’t go well.

“Even God who is all knowing doesn’t always come to our aid when we desperately pray for intervention in a situation and in our human minds, we think He failed so how much more mortals like comedians? We can’t always please everyone because there are bad days.

“Doctors study for many years and do a lot of research yet they sometimes give wrong diagnosis and medication killing their patients.

“ What of the prominent lawyers who have found themselves at the wrong side of the law and have been incarcerated? he queried.

For five years, Lekzy, whose real name is Nana Kwame Nkansah Emmanuel Ansong, has been cracking the ribs of patrons at his Laughline show at the Accra Mall and at other events such as the Easter Comedy Show.

However, the graduate of Takoradi Polytechnic (now Takoradi Technical University) disclosed to Showbiz that he has some fear anytime he mounts the stage because of the ridicule he will likely face when he doesn’t live up to the “required standards”.

“As a comedian, I know I won’t always have a good day but you see, the fact that I know the outcome of what a bad day will do for my young career puts so much fear in me.

“That is not to say that I don’t believe in myself, I really do but when I flop, no one will remember all the standing ovations I had for my previous acts,” he said.

Lekzy mentioned that his fear started after some renowned comedians were bashed for having a bad day.

“So DKB filled the National Theatre with his own show and Foster Romanus has been hosting 1000 Laughs series for some years now but all of a sudden, Ghanaians say they are boring just because they had one or two bad days.

“At this year’s Easter Comedy Show, Okey Bakassi, who was the headline act didn’t perform any better but there was no mention of that but if it were a Ghanaian comedian, it would have made headlines,” Lekzy said.

His remarks comes two weeks after CEO of Event Factory, Nabil Alhassan labelled Ghanaian comedians boring.

Last year, former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings was quoted saying DKB is boring after watching him perform but Lekzy said Ghanaians should have confidence in them.

“The standup comedy scene is still new in Ghana, it is a growing industry and it will take the constructive criticisms and suggestions of all to build.

“The Nigerians that we hail and appreciate so much started from somewhere and I’m sure they also faced challenges.

“Even the careers of the likes of Basketmouth is far older than the whole of Ghana’s comedy industry.

“We are not against criticisms but sometimes, it feels like a deliberate scheme to kill our efforts and hard work with the negative energy,” he said.

To show that they are worthy of the job they have set themselves to do, Lekzy encouraged doubters to attend the next edition of Laughline Comedy show at the National Theatre tomorrow, Friday, September 28 to make a fair assessment of “100 percent GH comedy content”.