GH comedians are boring—Event Factory boss

By: Kofi Duah
Nabil, CEO of Event Factory
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FOR the last four years, Nabil Alhassan’s Event Factory has hosted the Easter Comedy Show and after featuring a number of Ghanaian comedians, he believes they are not doing well enough to boost their craft.

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According to Nabil, who has had comedians like DKB, Khemical, Jacinta, Lekzy and Two Idiots on his show said most Ghanaian comedians don’t do research or work on new jokes making them boring.

“Research is the key and that is why the Nigerians are always ahead of the Ghanaian comedians. They do a lot of research into current situations and make nice jokes a bout them,” he told Showbiz on Monday.

Nabil is of the view that Ghanaian comedians are no match for Nigerian comedians as the latter are far ahead of us.

“I know the Ghanaian comedians will be angry with me but that is the honest truth. There are more than 15 good comedians in Nigeria who will rock their audience on any day but that cannot be said of the Ghanaians.

“The likes of Bovi, Basketmouth, Gordons, Acapella, Buchi, Akpororo among others who have also been on my comedy shows will always get their act right because they take their craft seriously,” he said.

Another thing Nabil also complained about is inconsistency which is ending the career of most of the Ghanaian comedians. He explained that they flopped just as many times as they killed it.

“An event organiser like me will not continuously book a comedian who is not consistent. You can never tell when that comedian will fail and I don’t want to put my work on the line,” he said.

Nabil told Showbiz that all is not lost and if the comedians can do their research well and learn more about their trade, they would be excellent.

“You need to put in your all when doing something because you can never tell who is watching. I personally link comedians to corporate organisations and those I have contacted did not disappoint me. A guy like Lekzy is not a bad comedian,” he said.