Family fear Paris Jackson getting out of control

Paris Jackson's family
Paris Jackson's grandma and mother are worried about her
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JUST one day after Paris Jackson posed in her first ever topless photoshoot, grandma Katherine and mom Debbie Rowe fear the King of Pop’s daughter is headed for a downward spiral and the family is planning an intervention for her, a source reveals to exclusively.

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As fans know, the 20-year-old appeared topless in new campaign photos for G.H. Bass & Co.’s footwear which sent her family off the rails.

“The family is outraged over this and Paris Jackson is absolutely causing Katherine a lot of heartache right now,” dished an insider.

Concerns for Paris resurfaced last month after grandpa Joe died as sources told Radar exclusively she was feuding with family members about the funeral, causing a rift within the clan.

“She divided the family with the death of Joe and things have not gotten any better,” said the informant. “Paris is drinking and is using marijuana and the Jackson’s do not know how to control her.”

Paris flashed plenty of flesh in her latest photoshoot

Paris Jackson’s bad behaviour was causing guilt within the famous family. “Katherine is blaming herself for not being there for Paris as much as she should be but right now no one can lock Paris Jackson down.”

The brunette beauty was acting so “dangerously” that Katherine and Debbie were eager to get the drifter professional help by staging an intervention and sending her to rehab.

But when they confronted Paris Jackson, she refused and insisted she doesn’t have a problem, revealed the pal.

Sources say Paris Jackson was approached by Katherine earlier this week when she came to pick up something from the Calabasas home.

“Katherine wanted to clear air because she hasn’t been able to sleep,” as a result of her wild granddaughter’s behavior.

Sources said Paris had a joint in her hand, a little pet snake around her arm and she “smelled like alcohol” as a group of rowdy friends waited in the car for her.

“She was stumbling a bit, clearly high or drunk,” according to source.

But Paris told Katherine she was “just having fun” and “not to worry.”

“Katherine is scared for her because Paris is not meeting with her psychologist and is acting up again.”

Paris entered a facility in Utah in June 2013 following a suicide attempt. Several years later, she revealed that she attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

This isn’t the only setback Paris is currently facing. The star was in court today testifying against a crazed stalker.

The individual who she was seeking the restraining order against, Nicholas Lewis Stevens, was also there.

She was granted the restraining order for a period of three years. Under this order, Stevens has to stay away from Paris for at least 100 yards, a court clerk told Radar.