Ex-Miss UK, Kerri rejects chemo for natural alternatives

By: uk.yahoo.com/news
Former Miss UK Kerri Parker is determined to continue her job as a Hollywood stunt double
Kerri Parker won Miss UK in 2016
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Kerri Parker, a former Miss United Kingdom and Hollywood stunt double with an inoperable brain tumour has revealed she is rejecting chemotherapy to "heal this ourselves".

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Kerri was told the tumour was fatal at the end of last year - three years after she was given the all-clear following an operation to remove the cancer she was diagnosed with in 2013.

Now 34, she went on to win Miss UK in 2016.

The former Army medic, Bond girl double and Playboy bunny posted a picture of a letter from her NHS surgeon on Instagram which said chemotherapy would add a few months to her life, and she would have to start within eight weeks.

However, she has decided the physical and mental cost of being in hospital for a year is too much and revealed she is "taking action to heal this ourselves".

Since hearing of her latest diagnosis, the fitness enthusiast from Norwich has been taking cannabis oil.

Alongside the letter, she wrote: "'Chemotherapy will add on a few extra months of survival'. But at what cost?!

"A year in hospital to get a few extra months of life isn't treatment in my eyes. I grow weaker each day but I refuse to bow down to a system that no one questions why.

"Lovely letter to return to. I'm glad we're taking action to heal this ourselves."

Miss Parker, who runs the Kerri Parker Academy for model training in Norwich, is determined to seek alternative treatment not available in the UK and is fundraising to go to the United States for a trial.

The model and nutritionist, who has raised £20,000 for brain tumour research since her first diagnosis, has also booked into a clinic in Mexico at the end of February, where she has spoken to people who say they have been cured of brain cancer through natural plants.

Nearly £3,000 has been raised since the end of December on her Facebook fundraiser.

Through pageants and putting her house on the market, her mother said there is enough to get her the first six weeks of treatment, but they still need more and are continuing to research other alternative treatments.

Miss Parker told her social media followers she will do "whatever it takes to find a natural cure for this disease".

She wrote: "I will do whatever it takes to find a natural cure for this disease, use myself as a guinea pig to prove there are alternative treatments.

"So many people have reported to me this week that they lost their loved ones from cancer, but due to the treatments the radiotherapy and the chemo which kills a vast amount of patients.

"I get so much grief for my choices people telling me I will die but I will not, I am strong. I think my brutal outlook of refusing to accept I have cancer, refusal to accept a day off, rest, treatment - is why I have done so well."