Dora Why?: Roverman’s 2019 off to flying start

By: Linda Safoa Antwi
Roverman's 2019 off to great start with Dora Why?
Ebo Whyte is the head of Roverman Productions
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ON Saturday, April 6, when Dora Why? Roverman Productions' first play for the year started at the National Theatre, the slow pace initially made some patrons skeptical about whether it would be up to par with their previous productions.

But it wasn't long before everyone was keenly following the story and the antics of the characters and waiting to see a mystery solved.

And their cheers at certain portions of the play showed just how engrossed they were and how much they were enjoying themselves.

When Dora Why? ended, the applause was loud and it was clear playwright, Ebo Whyte, owner of Roverman Productions had once again delivered and their 2019 had gotten off to a perfect start.

Dora Why? is a story about the Sowahs; Thomas, Mabel and their daughter, Audrey and the secrets the family tries to hide.

Dora has been dead for 30 years yet one day, Rev and Mrs Sowah find a note that says: "Good evening Thomas and Mabel... Today marks the 30th anniversary of my death. This is to keep my memory alive. Please don't forget me. Signed, Dora."

Is the note really from Dora? If not, who is behind this cruel prank and what does he or she want of Rev and Mrs Sowah.

There is quite a healthy dose of intrigue in the play as the Sowahs try to unravel the mystery behind the note with the help of a security expert Jude who isn't quite who he seems to be.

The search for the truth takes a toll on the family especially on Mabel, whose secrets she has kept for 30 years have even impacted her marriage.

The matter has even affected Audrey's love life; she and Jude are dating but things just don't seem to be going well.

The usual elements of Ebo Whyte's plays; comedy and music are prominent in Dora Why? and does a great job of lightening things up while there is some romance to spice things up.

The musical influences are varied; from country to Nigerian Afrobeats to Ghanaian Highlife, Gospel and pop.

One element that Ebo Whyte added to Dora Why? was the rewind which was done in slow motion like in movies and that excited the audience so much who couldn't help but cheer. It was expertly done and kudos to the Roverman team for that trick, it was just awesome.

The cast including singer, Yaa Yaa ( who plays Mabel), Andrew Adote (Jude/Joseph), Kakra Ankobiah (Thomas), Daniella Adu Asare (Audrey) and Effie Nkrumah (Dora) do a great job.

However, the standout is Andrew Adote (who justifies why Ebo Whyte loves to use him so much); his ability to hold his American accent throughout the nearly two-hour play is commendable and he provides a lot of the laughs.

He shows depth to handle the emotional role very well and he really lifted up the play.

Dora Why? tackles the theme of forgiveness and although there is a happily ever after, patrons would have to do a lot of introspection to see if they could forgive some of the issues raised.

On the whole, Dora Why? is a great play and one can only look forward to what Ebo Whyte has up his sleeves next.

Dora Why? also showed on Sunday, April 7 at 4pm and 8pm. It will show on Easter Monday, April 22 at the National Theatre.

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