Don't wish for our downfall - Zylofon Media

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Arnold Zylofon Media downfall
Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo
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The lack of investment in Ghana’s entertainment industry has certainly affected its progress and the entry of Zylofon Media two years ago, should have been good news for the sector.

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However, the outfit, which has musicians like Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale, Becca, Kumi Guitar, Obibini among others in its books, has faced constant criticism in its activities; be it how much they spend on their signees, how they handle them among others.

Recently, after the poor reception its signees received at a concert to celebrate Zylofon Media and its sister company, Menzgold’s entry into Nigeria, the company itself received a lot of the backlash from the event.

And in an interview with Showbiz about the attacks, Communications Director of Zylofon Music, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, said some of the criticisms were destructive and only seek Zylofon’s downfall.

“Zylofon is not beyond criticisms because every entity that wants success considers differing views but some comments and views expressed don’t strive for the company’s good.

“It is as if the only thing they look out for is to wake up and know that Zylofon has folded up or is not operating again and that is very unfair to a company that has shown a lot of commitment towards the creative arts industry,” he said.

Citing the Nigerian episode to support his point, Arnold said the issue was blown out of proportion because critics just pointed to the negatives without considering its good intentions.

“Amazingly, a section of the populace blew the issue out of proportion. They had a lukewarm reception from the audience and it is acceptable in musical performances. They were not booed off stage, that never happened.
“Getting low or no response during a performance is no big deal.

Foreign artistes over the period have experienced same in Ghana. Even icons like Michael Jackson and Whitney all faced it, the fuss was much ado about nothing.

“Besides, it was the first time a Ghanaian firm had organised such a concert in Nigeria with lots of Ghanaian acts so it was somehow a new experience for us as a people.

“ I’m sure if the coin was flipped, Nigerians would not bother but in our case, it was worse because it is Zylofon,” he stated.

Since its launch, Zylofon has established Zylofon Cash, Zylofon Music and the latest Zylofon View, an online cinema platform and Arnold disclosed the company’s move to gain a foothold in Nigeria’s entertainment market.

“The notion has always been that it is difficult for a Ghanaian firm to set up in Nigeria. Zylofon has surmounted all the hurdles to actually establish in the country and that is a huge step.

“ What is left for us is to plug in, build trust in the terrain and facilitate the promotion and marketing of Ghanaian music.

“Zylofon is doing all this for the good of Ghana’s creative industry to compete favourably and needs support and constructive opinions to succeed,” he added.