Don’t just judge me-Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

By: Delali Sika
Joyce Dzidzor
Joyce Dzidzor aka Yawavi Yawa
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AT age 31 and in the prime of her life, many women have great expectations—family, business or career. Not so for former HIV/AIDS Ambassador, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah.

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Joyce Dzidzor who is also a musician and now wants to be known as Yawavi Yawa to match the kind of music she is currently doing has become synonymous for stirring up controversy after controversy since admitting she lied about her HIV/AIDS status.

Recently, Joyce Dzidzor sparked yet another controversy after threateneing on social media that she would kill her children and end her life as well as a result of frustration with life.

Her threats generated a social media frenzy which immediately drew the attention and intervention of some well-wishers who helped her to deal with her brush with depression.

In an exclusive interview with Graphic Showbiz, Joyce Dzidzor poured her heart out and explained that her recent threats on Facebook were real and as a result of extreme depression, and not a publicity stunt to court public sympathy.

Instead, she revealed how broken she felt as a young woman who gave birth to three children from different fathers, endured two failed marriages, lost a husband and a boyfriend respectively to death and felt abandoned by society as a result of her association with HIV/AIDS.

“I have been through a lot. At 31, I have had three children with three men and two failed marriages. It gets to me to a point that I sometimes question God because, I pray a lot. So I ask myself why would God allow me go through such things but in all, I would say, it has made me strong", Joyce Dzidzor said.

Touching on her recent suicide threat on Facebook, Dzidzor said “I actually meant to go to the village, kill myself and kill my children too. The reason was simple, if I killed myself, people would wonder who would take care of my children so I decided that we should all die.

"You see, I had packed my things and was leaving for the village that morning. I will never do that for attention,” she said.

Joyce Dzidzor, who said she had been struggling with depression for sometime added that it was not a planned action. “That was how I felt when I woke up that day. I woke up and just wanted to end it all, that is how depression is.

"Let me tell you something, depression is real, it is bad, I have had it for a long time but I didn’t know until about two or three years ago. So that morning, that was the what I felt like doing.

“I said to myself, let me put my last post out and say goodbye to my loved ones on Facebook. I didn’t even go back there again, I just wanted to end it all. It was not for attention, people will always judge you even when they do not know what you are going through,” she said.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah and her children

Joyce also dismissed claims she pulled that stunt to make money since she had lost the privileges that came with being an AIDS ambassdor.

“No no no, my post was not an appeal for funds. That was not the first time I had attempted to kill myself. I tried while I was in Germany and that was where I was diagnosed with depression but the thoughts keep coming.

“I did not get anything or property out of my deal with the AIDS Commission so there is no way anyone can say I set out on a suicide journey to appeal for funds because my status had dropped. It is not easy, life has not been easy.

Talking about how the suicide plans were aborted, Joyce Dzodzor said it took a staff from Zylofon Media to come to her rescue.

“Hmm, interestingly, it took someone I did not know, a staff of Zylofon who came to my house and stayed with me throughout that day.

"He made sure I did not go out of my house. Also Dr Anyah, CEO of Holy Trinity Spa and Prophet Nigel Gaisie have been of great help,” she said.

She also gave credit to her mum for being a strong pillar for her. “My mom has cried several times and been of help through it all. It has not been easy for her as well, sometimes I call her to tell her I am tired of life and would want to end it and it gets to her. God bless her", Joyce Dzidzor added.