Counsellor Lutterodt deserves ban - Gospel singer Don D

By: Elorm Kojo Ntumy
Don D says Counsellor Lutterodt deserves ban by Psychology Council
Gospel musician Don D

US-BASED Gospel artiste, Don D, has welcomed the directive by the Ghana Psychology Council to bar popular radio and TV personality, George Lutterodt, from holding himself up as a counsellor.

The directive, which was issued last week cited the controversial speaker of being in contravention of the Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act, by calling and holding himself up as a counsellor as well as providing counselling services on radio and on television.

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In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, Don D, who has long been advocating for George Lutterodt to be taken off air said by virtue of the title counsellor, Mr Lutterodt has been undertaking counselling services in private and reaping the benefits.

“He is not trained and some of his utterances do not conform to the professional standards of counselling. Now it’s a law that you require a license before you can operate as a counsellor so if George Lutterodt thinks he is a man, he should continue calling himself a counsellor and I will personally sue him,” he said.

Don D added that George Lutterodt had been misleading people for too long and most of his utterances were just to court controversy. “We know the things he says are only for hype and he laughs about them later.

"He recently said he could teach women how to be better prostitutes, my question is does he know how to be a better prostitute? Would he say the same thing to his daughter? The danger is that there are gullible people who will listen to him and take his word,” he said.

Don D also blamed the media for putting George Lutterodt on air.

“I also blame media houses and the National Media Commission for not doing their job. The system has allowed people who are hungry to come out and spew garbage and that’s a major problem in Ghana. Until the systems and institutions start working, people like this will keep coming up and do whatever they want,” he said.

Don D also charged The Ghana Psychology Council to take decisive action should George Lutterodt continue to flout the council’s regulations and hold himself as a counsellor.

“This is the time for them to act. When he goes on air and he continues operating as a counsellor drag him to court. Let actions speak louder than words. If they don’t take him to court , I will drag him to court myself,” he said.