Clear my name—Happy Odonkor tells church

By: Kofi Duah
Happy Odonkor
Gospel singer, Happy Odonkor

THREE years ago, Gospel musician Happy Odonkor was suspended from her church, Hebron Prayer Centre, for allegedly snatching someone’s husband. She was also accused of fornication by getting pregnant for the man.

Although she was suspended for investigations to be conducted into the matter, three years on, Happy says nothing was done about it and she believes she has not been treated well by the church.

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In an interview with Showbiz, Happy Odonkor said she didn’t want to talk about it but she wanted her name to be cleared because of the embarrassment she had been through.

“I was called by church leaders that I have been suspended for snatching someone’s husband and getting pregnant for the man. They didn’t even hear my side of the story.

“I wanted the issue to die out but some of the church members see me and point fingers at me for being a husband snatcher and I want them to come out and tell the truth to everyone because it is affecting me,” Happy Odonkor said.

Explaining her side of the story, Happy said her husband’s ex-wife lied to the church’s leaders that she was still married to the man and they believed her without allowing her (Happy) to tell her side of the story.

She said she had been a member of the church for six years and felt the decision taken by the church leaders was harsh because proper investigation was not done.

“It is a huge embarrassment to me and my family because I am married to the man and I am not even pregnant for him as the church leaders claim,” Happy Odonkor revealed.

When Showbiz contacted the church, one of the leaders of the Hebron Prayer Centre, Elder Wofa Achia, said the church did not know Happy was married because she never told them, so if a woman claimed to be married to the singer’s husband, they had to side with her.

“I don’t want to go into details but we gave Happy the opportunity to state her side of the story but we were not convinced with her explanation, hence the decision to suspend her,” he said.

According to him, although it hurt that Happy was no longer a part of the church, the decision had to be taken to bring sanity to the church.

Happy Odonkor has songs such as Meda Wo Ase, God You Are Too Much, Sumsum Kronkron, Soma Wabofour and Wasesa Me to her credit.