Cabals blocking young artistes’ glory - Ages Africa

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Ages Africa blames cabals blocking young artistes' glory
Ages Africa

JUST like many young artistes who have great ambitions of reaching higher heights with their careers, Afrobeats artiste, Ages Africa, has envisaged a time when his music will make an impact in Ghana and even cross borders to go international.

However, it’s been more than five years since he released his first song, African Boy Original, but the graduate of Ghana Telecom University is yet to make any inroads into the mainstream.

Ages Africa says he finds this situation very frustrating and has hit out at what he believes is a deliberate effort by some industry players or cabals to block the shine of young artistes.

In a chat with Showbiz on Monday, March 18, Ages Africa said his inability to shine despite his huge talent was because he had not been fortunate to be managed by any of those “respected cults” as he called them.

“This is not a figment of my imagination but the reality of what is killing many good talents in the system. I know people will judge me wrongly and think I’m envious of the success of some young artistes but that is far from the case.

“Here, we are in a system where as a young artiste, the media won’t even give you attention or play your songs because your management isn’t known and you don’t belong to those who matter in the industry,” he said.

Continuing, he said, “Now, being signed on to a particular record label or management is a surety of your success whether you are good or not because you have the support of the media and attention but should that be the case? Of course not because it doesn’t promote healthy competition”.

“I’ve taken my songs to many media houses where I have been praised for my talent but then, everything ends as soon as I walk out of the place.

"Sincerely, not every artiste will be lucky to be signed on to the likes of Lynx Entertainment, Ruff Town, Black Avenue, Burniton Music among others so let’s create an equal playing field for talents and not make it just about hype.”

Ages Africa said his complaints should not be misunderstood for bitterness as he wanted to bring to the fore, important issues to help the growth of players in the industry and not just a few favourites.
“Can you imagine a young artiste like myself handling every aspect of my music career? But that is what I have been doing and it is getting very frustrating because all my efforts aren’t even recognised,” he said.

Recounting some of his worst moments, Ages Africa, whose real name is Awoonor W.G, said he almost lost hope when he didn’t win any awards at the recently held Volta Music Awards where he received nominations in categories such as Best Music Video, Best Male Vocalist and Songwriter of the Year.

“I’m not saying I’m the best but truthfully, things didn’t go in my favour because I’m not associated with any big record label.

"I was sure I would win the Best Male Vocalist but that didn’t happen and it is not to say my contenders were not good but they know I stood tall,” he stated.

Having overcome the pain, Ages Africa says he is putting his energies into recording songs for his upcoming album which will be released by the end of the year.

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