Blame DJs for bad songs on airwaves - Kofi Kinaata

By: Kofi Duah
Kofi Kinaata blames DJs for playing bad songs on air
Kofi Kinaata
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ALTHOUGH our musicians are doing some great music out lately, it is an undeniable fact that some songs that have become hits have not deserved it.

Over the years, some musicians have survived with average songs but Highlife artiste, Kofi Kinaata, says it’s about time Ghanaians appreciate good music.

“It takes divine intervention for a good song to blow up in Ghana. I know of so many good songs that are not hits.

"It was difficult for a song like Chocho Mucho by Bless to become a hit just because he didn’t have the money to push it but other songs I don’t even regard as songs are doing so well,” he told Showbiz.

According to the Confession hitmaker, DJs must be blamed for this situation. “The DJs will not play a song, especially from an up and coming artiste, but would prefer to play a bad song from a popular artiste which is not cool,” he said.

Kofi Kinaata explained that he would prefer to do a good song that would not be popular to a bad song that will be a hit.

“I want to be noted for doing good songs. Songs like Susuka, Sweetie Pie, Confession, Single and Free are great songs everyone can relate to and I am happy with the positive feedback I always get,” he said.

Kofi Kinaata cautioned musicians to place emphasis on the content of their songs and not just release songs without paying attention to what goes into them.

“I have never written a song in anticipation of it becoming hit. My aim is first to get good lyrics and a good storyline for everyone to relate to.

"If it becomes a hit in the process fine and if it does not, I am not so bothered. Ghanaians will gradually appreciate your work and tag you as that good artiste who is always known for doing great songs,” he added.

Last month, Kofi Kinaata released a new song Never Again featuring Shatta Wale and he says the backlash on social media is too much.

“Although I am no more with High Grade Family, the fans are not so cool with me featuring the SM Boss because they feel High Grade Family and Shatta Movement are not cool. Some said I am a sellout, others said I shouldn’t have featured Shatta Wale,” he said.

According to Kofi Kinaata he is cool with every musician and he doesn’t mind featuring anyone he feels like.

Asked who his new management is after exiting High Grade Family, Kofi Kinaata said he was on his own for now but was still looking for a committed management team to work with.

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