Beware of hypocrites - Mix Masta Garzy warns artistes

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Mix Masta Garzy warns artistes about hypocrites
Mix Masta Garzy

MANY artiste managers and investors have often expressed their disappointment about how artistes show ingratitude after years of investing in their brands and music.

This growing trend has seen a number of industry players such as film producer Socrate Safo cautioning musicians not to do that since it pushes potential investors away.

Now producer and artiste manager, Mix Masta Garzy, is also speaking on the matter and in a phone chat with Showbiz last Monday, he cautioned artistes to be wary of those who pretended to have their interest at heart but were their real enemies.

According to him, from his own experience, he has realised that there are ‘susupons’ who are envious of the good relationship between artistes and their managers and will do everything to ruin it.

As the owner of 2MG Music record label, Mix Masta Garzy said he had had many of such encounters which he ignored, but rapper Eno’s unannounced exit from the label had given him more insight.

“I want to feel that I have not been betrayed but that is what has happened. When Eno was with my record label, there was this buddy of mine who thought Eno was not too talented to invest in her.

“He was always on my neck to drop her because he said it was a waste of my time and resources. Surprisingly, this same person is now part of, if not the head, of the new team handling Eno.

"Sincerely, I’m surprised because I don’t know if he now holds a different view about her talent. These are some of the characters holding back the progress of the industry because they want to live off the sweat of others. They sow seeds of enmity between artistes and their record labels to fuel their selfish interests.

“I want to warn artistes to be careful of such artistes because if they had their interest at heart, they would have been the ones to help them at the start of their careers and not when they are established.

“Nature is even against ingrates and records are there to show that artistes who didn’t show appreciation to people that helped them, lose their steam in the game. That is how it is so they have to be wise and not fall into the wrong hands,” he stated.

Real name Benjamin Nana Kwame Mensah, Mix Masta Garzy established the 2MG Music in 2016 with a focus to unearth and manage new artistes. In 2017, the record label signed a three-year deal with Eno but the D33d3w rapper left the record label without committing to the terms.

Mix Masta Garzy told Showbiz that even though Eno breached the contract, he had no intentions of starting any legal battle unless he was pushed to do otherwise by her new team.

“Making hit songs is not the measure of a great talent and how efficient a management is. It is a gradual process and artistes must not be in a hurry but trust the process.

“No manager/record label would deliberately frustrate the progress of their artiste after huge investments so they need to be wise and make cautious decisions when pretenders come as saviours,” he said.

The new management of Eno refused to comment when contacted. According to Fiifi Adinkra, who identified himself as Eno’s Public Relations Officer, the management didn’t have interest in speaking about the issue.

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