Being on Kaywa’s label challenging — Mr Drew

By: Delali Sika
Mr Drew speaks on challenges being on Kaywa's label
Mr Drew

IN this challenging music industry, it is the dream of many artistes, especially the younger ones to get a good record label to work to provide the support; in terms of production and promotion of their works that, they need.

So when he was signed on to the Highly Spiritual record label owned by sound engineer and producer, Kaywa right after participating in MTN Hitmaker Season 7, Mr Drew thought he had been sorted.

However, in a recent interview with Showbiz, he disclosed it’s not as easy as it seems to people and that it’s been challenging.

“Being under Kaywa is tough in terms of releasing songs. We are a lot, like six on the same label so you cannot be consistent like you would have if you were alone on the label. You cannot just say you are doing things too.

“You also can’t do things the way you want because there is a process; there is a lot of discipline there so you have to wait till it is your turn to release a song or video. That is one of my challenges currently or we are currently facing with the label.”

Asked if there was competition among the label mates, Mr Drew answered in the negative. “It has nothing to do with competition, we cannot even compete because we are different people doing different things.

"It rather encourages and propels you to do more, like when you see your label mates doing good things and their music is going far, you are challenged to also bring out the best,” he said.

Talking about his journey after MTN Hitmaker, Mr Drew said, “it has been interesting, I have always wanted to do music but I never had an idea about the industry.

"From afar, I had my own perceptions about it but when I got into it and got signed onto a label, I realised it is a different ball game. You need to be on top of your game if you want to stand out.

“Again, you need to be unique; hard work, cannot be compromised at all and you should also be ready for days that things will not go as planned. But on the whole, I have learnt  enough to take me to the place I want to be.”

Mr Drew added that it was due to his quest to be unique that he wants to be known as someone who does music and dance.

“I want to be known as someone who is not only good at music but dancing too so I am fusing the two. I love dancing and enjoy doing music as well so I would just put these two to use and stand out.”

He thanked his fans and management for the support. “I cannot say I got here by myself. My fans played a role in it and so has my management. I want to use this opportunity to thank them,” he said.

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