Bad artiste tag doesn't bother me - Nana Boroo

By: Gifty Owusu-Amoah
Nana Boroo not bothered about being tagged bad artiste
Nana Boroo

AHA Y3d3 hitmaker, Nana Boroo, has said he is not bothered by claims that he is not talented.

In an interview on Peace FM's Entertainment Review show on Saturday, June 27, Nana Boroo said being a good artiste is relative so he has always tried to look beyond the perception that he is not a good musician.

"Saying I'm a good musician or not is relative and I cannot force anyone to accept that I'm talented. My debut Aha Y3d3 is one the biggest songs and till date when played, people jam to it. I can say it is evergreen but people have their opinions and they are entitled to them but the question is 'who is a good musician'?" he asked.

He challenged his critics to patiently wait for his upcoming 16-track album titled Unpredictable which he will be releasing this year.

Nana Boroo mentioned that the album is a "total package" which define his talent and versatility and also serve as a measure of his growth in music.

"This album defines my maturity over the years because in life, if you don't grow, then obviously, there's something wrong with you. I can't do the same things I've been known for over the years so this is a switch from what Nana Boroo is  known for.

"Some songs create a lot of buzz for sometime and the next moment, they fade out. That is not what I want to do, I want to create evergreen songs that people can still listen to and enjoy even after many years," he said.

"Unpredictable is inspired by the old Highlife artistes and their music. Again, it will help this new generation to appreciate and enjoy the old days of Palmwine music. It will help them to also have knowledge about their music roots," he stated.

Nana Boroo mentioned on the show that his new album is a celebration of Palmwine Highlife which had been taken over by the Urban and Burger Highlife championed by young artistes.

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