Shatta Wale shows romantic side with Michy proposal

By: Delali Sika
Shatta Wale Michy proposal
Shatta Wale gets down on one knee to propose to Shatta Michy
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Fans who were at Shatta Wale’s Reign album launch which came off at the Fantasy Dome on Saturday must have thought they were there only to enjoy the music so they did not anticipate the huge surprise their 'King' had in store for them. 

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After he had given all he could to his fans and the show was nearing an end, Shatta Wale decided to give his baby mama, Michy the chance to perform her latest song, Spend the Money and while she was on stage, he brought his two children, Majesty and Cherisa on stage.

Just when the applause from the fans was about to die down, Shatta started talking, “Babes, you know I love right, I have something I want to say to Michy, for me, I just want to ask her one question,” he said.

The statement confused everyone including Shatta Michy but to her surprise, Shatta took a small box from a friend, opened it, went down on one knee and asked Michy to be his wife.

“I just want to ask Michy one thing, will you marry me? Michy, whose mouth was agape in surprise, recovered, helped her man to get up and gave him a passionate kiss while their three year old son, Majesty walked around and daughter Cherisa looked on. After that they both performed one of their hit songs, Bulletproof.

On Sunday afternoon, Shatta shared a picture of him and Michy on his Instagram page with the caption, “Shatta Michy and Shatta Wale 😍😍another chapter of life." The post makes real what happened on the stage on Saturday night.

Before the proposal, Shatta Wale had been bashed for not making Shatta Michy his wife after they had been together for so long.