Anokye Supremo (Lumba Junior) dies in India

By: Kofi Duah
Anokye Supremo dies
Anokye Supremo
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HIGHLIFE musician, Anokye Supremo has died in India after a battle with brain disease.

He died on Wednesday, January 30, at the Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences in India after undergoing surgery to remove a tumour in his brain.

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The news was confirmed by Anokye Supremo's manager, only known as Zack, in a Facebook Live interview with Kofi Adomah of Kofi TV fame.

According to Zack, they knew Anokye Supremo was recovering from the successful surgery until they were informed that that his illness had become worse.

He disclosed that Anokye was on life support until he had cardiac arrest leading to his untimely passing this afternoon.

“Anokye was recovering last week only for us to be told this Monday by the doctors that his sickness has become worse.

"This afternoon he was operated on but the doctors came out after sometime and confirmed that Anokye is dead,” Zack told Kofi TV.

Asked whether the family was aware of the sad news, Zack said he just broke the news to them and everyone is sad about the unfortunate situation.

The artiste, formerly known as Daddy Lumba Jr., was diagnosed with brain disease when he started experiencing a severe headache which he thought was a migraine.

Upon a visit to the hospital, he was told it was a tumour. He began to feel pains in his left eye which later became blinded.

Surgeons at the Rabindranath Tagore International, explaining the gravity of the situation, described the tumour as an aggressive one and could be cancerous.

“He has a very large tumour involving his eyes. He had no vision and we operated on his eyes. We have done our works and found a large tumour which can, unfortunately, be a cancerous tumour. He is still in the ventilator. And we hope he comes out,” the surgeon said earlier.

Anokye struggled to raise money for his surgery in India and his management had to solicit for funds before he was able to fly out of the country.